Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools offer dual language immersion?

Garfield Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Linus Pauling Middle School and Corvallis High School.

My child doesn’t know any Spanish. Will this be overwhelming for them?

There is a natural initial transition period where students are becoming more comfortable with their second language. During this time teachers are aware of and attentive to each student’s individual needs, and ensure that all students are comfortable in the classroom.

All Dual Immersion teachers are specially trained to use strategies in their teaching that facilitate the success of non-native speakers.

Will my native Spanish-speaking child still learn English?

Students enrolled in the Dual Immersion program have the greatest success in reading, writing, and speaking English when compared to students in English classrooms.

Will my child miss other academic content?

They learn all the same academic subject matter in their second language. The Dual Immersion program has the same curriculum as English classes. Dual Immersion is an additive, not subtractive program.

When will my native English-speaking child learn English?

They will learn English in their literacy time.  Also, 50% of your child’s instruction during the day will be in English. English speakers in Dual Immersion do learn less English than those in the English only program.

Native English speakers have the added benefit of learning two languages.