Academic and Credit Policies

The Corvallis School District is committed to each student's academic success. The State of Oregon requires all students to complete a certain series of courses adding up to the minimum 24 credits required to receive their diploma.

Credit Requirements

Students are required to complete the following courses to earn a standard diploma: English, math, science, social studies (including history, civics, geography, economics, and personal finance), physical education, health education, applied arts, fine arts or world language, electives, and career development. Students are limited to 7 credits per year.  No credit is awarded for an F, No Pass (N), or No Grade (G).

In the state of Oregon, new, more rigorous, graduation requirements were phased in starting in 2012. Today’s students are required to earn 24 high school credits and take a minimum of three classes focused on scientific inquiry, two of which must be lab or field- based.  Students must also take three math classes at an Algebra 1 level or higher, and a total of three classes in the categories of second languages, the arts, and career and technical education. At least once a year, parents will receive a report on their student’s progress in fulfilling those requirements.

Career Learning Requirements

Career Learning requirements personalize the diploma for each student and help students plan for their post-high school education and career goals. In order to receive a diploma, students must complete these assignments:

  • Personal Education Plan and Profile (PEPP): Develop a plan and profile to guide learning and document progress toward personal, career, and post-high school goals.  The PEPP is reviewed and evaluated regularly in Advisor
  • Career-Related Learning Experiences:  Participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school relevant to their education plan.  Students will discuss grade specific requirements in Advisor on a regular basis.
  • Extended Application: Apply and extend knowledge in new and complex situations related to the personal career interests and post-high school goals in real world contexts.