Care and Maintenance

Utilizing instructional tools gives students the access to learn anywhere, anytime - both in the classroom and at home. Personalized learning narrows the digital divide between students and promotes responsible use of today’s ever changing technologies.

Student Responsibilities

We are very excited to be able to make these powerful tools available to our students.  We also provide rules and guidance for students to keep these tools secure and in good working order.

Like textbooks, team uniforms and other school property issued to your child, students are responsible to take appropriate care of these valuable resources.  This device is no different, but it does represent an increased cost to the district and liability to students and parents.

  • Our experience with mobile technology has shown that students take great care of these tools, but we know that loss and accidents will happen.
  • District policies, regulations and practices require that a charge be levied to cover the repair or replacement cost of district property.  With technology devices, the cost of loss or damage can be significant.
  • To respond to this concern, the district has developed the Corvallis Assurance Program for Assigned eDevices (CAPe) as a way for families to reduce the financial risk if a device is damaged or lost.
  • Families may also check with third-party vendors and their homeowners/renters insurance carrier for coverage.

Corvallis Assurance Program for Assigned eDevices (CAPe)

This plan is optional and voluntary. If you choose not to enroll in the program, you will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of the device.
  • The Corvallis School District will be responsible for normal maintenance of the device including normal wear and tear or malfunctions due to manufacturing.
  • Parents choosing to enroll in CAPe will make an annual premium payment to enroll within 15 days of the student receiving the device.
  • The annual enrollment premium is reduced if a student qualifies for the free and reduced meal program.
  • Annual premium payments are not prorated.

Damaged Device

In the event a device is accidentally damaged (cracked screen, broken switches or buttons, lost charging brick/cord, damaged protective case, etc.), the repair costs will be waived and the device will be repaired by the district at no cost to the family.

  • CAPe will cover one free damage repair or one free replacement of charging brick/cord per year.
  • Subsequent repairs or charger/cord replacement will result in actual repair or replacement costs to the family.  Willful damage or extreme negligence is not eligible free repair or replacement.

Lost or Stolen Device

In the event a device is lost or stolen, the full replacement value will be reduced to $150 for iPad and case, $350 for other tablet devices and case.  Upon payment (or creation of an approved payment plan), the student will be issued a replacement device.  However, the parent will not be eligible to enroll in CAPe for a second time in the same school year and will be financially responsible for full replacement or repair costs associated with this second device. If the device is stolen off-campus, file a police report within 24 hrs and bring a copy to school.

  • In the event the lost or stolen device is recovered in working condition, the payment will be refunded.
  • If any equipment or software breaks down during the time it is on loan, the student and/or parent must contact the school within one working day. In the event the equipment needs repair or replacement, it must be turned in to the school or the district’s Technology Department rather than arrange to have it repaired by a third-party source.  This includes the device and any peripherals, including chargers, power cords, and cases.

Jailbreaking Device

Jailbreaking is strictly prohibited. It is the process of removing any limitations placed on the device. Once jailbroken, users are able to download additional applications, extensions and themes that are not otherwise available.

  • Jailbreaking a device is equivalent to total loss of the device and will be subject to CAPe terms.
  • Willful violation or misuse of the device and/or the CAPe program may result in forfeiture of the device.
  • The district will not accept equivalent replacement items provided through third-party purchases.

If a family leaves the Corvallis School District, but does not return the device and its peripheral equipment, they will be charged the full replacement costs, and standard rules for the restriction of records and transcripts would apply. Law enforcement and/or collection agencies may be involved for the purpose of recovering district property and/or charges.