Transition to Google G Suite

The district will transition from Microsoft Office Exchange to G Suite effective July 1, 2018. G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite and includes email, calendars, and contacts. This transition will allow district staff to connect and get work done from anywhere on any device.

Effective July 1, all staff will access email, calendars, and contacts using Google G Suite

Here’s what staff can expect:

All individual user data will be migrated (transferred) from Exchange (Outlook) to G Suite (Google account) by July 1, 2018. This includes emails (read and unread), contacts, calendar events, and folders. Multiple staff training sessions and one on one support will be provided.


  1. All folders and mail will be migrated, including read and unread mail. Folders will have the same name (label)
  2. Delegate account access will continue (if applicable to you)
  3. Rules that you have created will not be migrated but will be addressed in training


  1. All calendar events will be migrated
  2. Delegate calendar access for individual calendars will continue (if applicable to you)
  3. Color coding is available in G Suite but can not be migrated
  4. Any migrated shared calendars will need to be re-shared with individual users or groups
  5. Calendars currently in G Suite will not be impacted


  1. All contacts will be migrated
  2. We are reviewing workflows for the migration of Outlook Contact Groups (distribution groups created for your own purposes)

You may log into your account at using your Corvallis School District email account and computer account password. If you have not yet received training and need assistance with accessing your account, please contact the Technology Services Department Help Desk at 541-757-3911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information secure in Google?
YES. Through G Suite for Education, all district accounts adhere to educational privacy rules.

Will my folders be available?
YES. Folders will be migrated and labeled correctly. There is no limit to folder capacity.

Will I have access to archived Outlook email?
YES. All data from Exchange (Outlook) will be migrated to your Gmail. Locally stored archive files will be manually migrated on a per user basis.

Will I receive training on calendaring?
YES. We will offer training sessions that address efficiency and collaboration using Google calendaring.

Will I be able to manage the calendar/schedule for multiple people?
YES. Workflows are in development and instructions will be provided at staff training sessions.

Can I manage multiple Gmail accounts?
YES. Each Gmail account will have its own email interface and the user would be required to toggle between accounts. There is no maximum number of email accounts that can be managed by an individual.

Can I set up a signature and other “rules” similar to Outlook?
YES. Instructions will be provided at staff training sessions.

Will G Suite sync properly on my mobile device?
YES. Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts can be accessed and will display properly on any device using G Suite mobile apps.