Teen Parenting Program

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The mission of our parent program is based on the Oregon Department of Education Teen Parent Program and is a collaborative effort among school staff and community partners. This program strives to provide a supportive environment where teen parents can complete their education, while also growing to be responsible, nurturing parents and self-sufficient, contributing members of our community.

Program Goals

In accordance with School Board Policy JFE and School Board Policy JFE-AR, pregnant and parenting students are encouraged to continue with an educational program and to participate in all school-sponsored activities unless physically unable.

We aim to encourage students toward the following:

  • High school graduation
  • Knowledge, skill, and motivation to become economically self-sufficient
  • Strong parenting skills and the ability to actively seek out opportunities to improve their child’s well-being and development
  • Encouragement to delay a subsequent pregnancy
  • Success in creating a safe and nurturing environment for children with reduced risk of child neglect or abuse
  • Physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of their child within age norms
  • Opportunities for further education and/or employment

What You Can Expect

In this program, students will work with the Teen Parent Program Coordinator to:

  • Plan their academics
  • Develop goals
  • Find child care
  • Explore post-secondary options
  • Navigate the stress associated with being a student and a teen parent
  • Support student and child transportation needs
  • Connect with other parenting resources and social services

Participating in the Program

Any student in the Corvallis School District who is pregnant or has a child can participate in the Corvallis School District Teen Parent Program. Mothers and fathers are encouraged to participate.

The best way to fully participate in the Teen Parent Program is to also attend College Hill. Students can visit with their school counselor and get a referral to attend. Once referred, students will meet with the College Hill counselor and Teen Parent Program coordinator to plan for his or her success. You do not have to attend College Hill to participate in the Teen Parent Program; however, College Hill has the best resources for participants in the program.

Students are expected to check in regularly with the Teen Parent Program coordinator. They are also expected to develop goals and work actively towards their goals. Goals will be unique to each student and can be established with help from the program coordinator.

Resources Provided by the Teen Parent Program

  1. Assistance with finding child care. All parenting teens can have child care paid for by the school district. The program coordinator can assist by getting a voucher to cover costs of an established child care center.
  2. Nursing mother’s room at College Hill.
  3. Access to College Hill counselor. The counselor can assist in establishing an alternative program to help balance school and parenting.
  4. Self-paced parenting class (0.5 credit may count towards elective, career or health credit.) All course assignments can be completed online through Google Classroom or at school. Students work at their own pace and the course does not have regular meeting times.

Support the Program or Become a Volunteer

If you would like to support the program outside of school, there are opportunities to collect new or lightly used items. Please call or email to receive a wish list of items.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer application available here.

We appreciate the many individuals and organizations that support this program.

  • LBCC Family Resource and Education Center
  • Corvallis Rotary
  • Community Doula Program
  • Strengthening Rural Families
  • Helping Our Mothers Excel (HOME)