What is the Urban Farm?

Urban farm

Program Goals

The goal of this program is to give students a real-life farm-business situation to develop leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills. Some of these experiences will include:

  • Design and create a half-acre farm.
  • Make daily decisions on different aspects of the farm.
  • Daily work chores including irrigation layout, crop selection, soil preparation, planting schedule and work crew management.
  • Create a 5 year plan for the farm with new students revising and extending the plan each school year.

Students will gain a better understanding of how their core curriculum mastery is essential to successfully writing business plans, budgets, marketing brochures, grants, and research documents.

Current Happenings

Students in the Urban Farm program were trained by staff from Benton Soil and Water Conservation District for the annual fall “Salmon Watch” field trip.

This field trip to the Alsea River provides an outdoor learning experience for elementary students to learn about the life cycle of salmon. Urban Farm students were trained to be instructors in Riparian Ecology, Water Quality, Salmon Biology, and Macroinvertebrates. They assisted in teaching at each station and their volunteer hours count towards their senior projects.  Check out the video courtesy of the Corvallis Gazette Times.