Who We Are

Urban farm pickling

The Students

The average participation requirement for each student is one year. There are four work rotations comprising of livestock, communications, facilities and harvest with each month rotating the teams. Currently the teams are creating a notebook with a comprehensive job description for each rotation. We are studying composting, cover crops, pollinators, vermiculture, chickens, irrigation, soil, marketing techniques, and grant writing.

  • Livestock Team is responsible for the research, purchase and care of beneficial creatures for a small farm (may include chickens, rabbits, worms, bees, fish, shrimp, goats)
  • Communications Team is responsible for informing the public about our project (may include giving tours, speaking to organizations, communicating with guest speakers, locating grants and potential field trip sites)
  • Facilities Team is responsible for all business relating to the grounds and structures (fencing, housing, equipment, greenhouse and general site security)
  • Harvest Team is responsible for research, selection, maintenance and distribution of crops, and products made from crops and livestock