Student Transfers

Transfer requests may be made through the district's online process in March for the following school year. Placement decisions may be made when warranted by special circumstances during the school year. These transfers are initiated by school administrators and the assistant superintendent and may take place at any time.

Transfer Application Information for the 2018-19 School Year

The online transfer application for the 2018-19 school year is now closed.

El Proceso de Solicitud de Transferencia 2018-19

Corvallis School District student transfers may be requested through the online transfer process March 1 -31, 2018.

Parents of kindergarteners requesting transfers are required to enroll at their neighborhood school by March 31.

Franklin K-8 is the district’s only non-neighborhood boundary school and is open for transfers for the 2018-19 school year.. For more information about Franklin K-8, please visit the school website at or call 541-757-5754.

For those who completed the application during the transfer window (March 1-31), notifications with offers of enrollment or placement on wait lists will be sent in April and May.

Parents are expected to enroll students at their neighborhood boundary schools until a transfer request is approved. Once approved, a transfer ordinarily will remain in effect until the student completes the highest grade at that school (grades 5, 8, 12.)

  • Most of our elementary schools are at capacity and we do not anticipate any opening at Adams, Hoover, Jefferson, or Wilson, except for siblings, if space is available.  Garfield and Lincoln are open for transfers at kindergarten and 1st grade, if space is available.  Since these two schools are dual language immersion (DLI), students entering grades 2-5 must demonstrate language proficiency to qualify.
  • Franklin K-8 and Mt. View Elementary are open for transfers.
  • Linus Pauling Middle School is closed to transfers, except for siblings. Cheldelin Middle School is open for transfers.
  • Corvallis High School has limited openings for in-district transfers only. Crescent Valley High School is open for transfers.

Transferring out of the Corvallis School District

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) requires that school district’s receive a release approval from the resident school district before accepting an incoming student transfer. Parents wishing to transfer their student to another school district must complete an Interdistrict Transfer Out Form. Contact the Assistant Superintendent’s office at 541-766-4857 for assistance.

Transferring in to the Corvallis School District

Interdistrict student transfers may be requested through the online process. In addition, an interdistrict transfer form (available from your resident district) must be completed, submitted, and approved at your resident school district in order to be released to attend a school in our district.

Families relocating to Corvallis may also apply using the online transfer process. Be sure to list your current home address and note the anticipated date of your move to Corvallis.

Student Transfer Overview

Families have a variety of reasons for requesting a school transfer and in some cases, we may initiate a transfer to place students with specific educational needs at a school outside their neighborhood boundary school.

Mid-year transfers are discouraged but in some cases may be granted. Parents may request a school transfer during the annual transfer window. In most cases, unless specifically addressed in our policies, transportation to school outside your boundary neighborhood is the responsibility of the family.

  • The student transfer window is March 1 -31 each year. If the number of students seeking a transfer exceeds the number of spaces available, an equitable lottery is used and a wait list is created. (Note: Requests submitted in early March do not receive priority status.)
  • Parents are expected to enroll their student at their neighborhood boundary school until the transfer request is approved.
  • Families may choose just one school for their transfer request.
  • Transfer requests during the school year are reviewed on a case by case basis. Requests should be made at least ten days before the end of the grading period/semester.
  • Parents of entering kindergarten students living within the Corvallis School District boundaries must first register at their neighborhood school by March 31 before requesting a transfer to a different school.
  • Transfer students must meet OSAA Transfer Rules in order to paricipate in OSAA athletics and activities .

An interactive school boundary map is available to help families determine school boundaries for all elementary, middle and high schools. This service is provided by the Oregon Department of Human Services and the Oregon Health Authority. This tool allows you to enter your home address in the search box (located in the upper right side of the web page.) If you have questions about school boundaries, please call 541-757-5811.