Student Transfers FAQs

How does the transfer lottery work?

When there are more requests for transfers than spaces available, each student applicant is assigned a randomly generated number. Priority will be given to qualifying students as follows:

  • CSD students with siblings currently attending a transfer school and who will attend with the student(s) already enrolled
  • Current CSD students
  • Non-CSD students seeking interdistrict transfers with siblings currently attending a CSD transfer school and who will attend with the student(s) already enrolled
  • Non-CSD students seeking interdistrict transfers

What happens if I miss the online transfer request window for next school year?

Contact the school district at 541-766-4857 for assistance. Transfer requests will be placed on a wait list in the order they are received.

What happens when a student lives part-time in another district (shared child custody.)

The student should be enrolled in the home boundary area school where they spend the majority of time (over 50%.) Contact our staff if you have specific questions about shared child custody and transfer requests.

My child is currently attending a transfer school. Can my child return to our neighborhood boundary school?

Yes. To rescind a transfer, please submit a written request to your boundary school principal, copying your current school principal. During the school year, transfers back to a neighborhood boundary school are subject to the enrollment capacity at the school.

Can transfers be rescinded by the Corvallis School District?

Yes. Minimum behavior and attendance standards must be maintained. See Board Policy for details.

If we move outside the Corvallis School District during the school year, can my student continue to attend the same school?

Yes. If you move out of the school district boundary, your child may attend school for the remainder of the year. Please notify the school of your change of address and of your desire to continue enrollment at the school for the rest of the school year. You must also request a release from your new home school district. For the next school year, you must submit an online transfer request and obtain a release from your home school district.

Is a transfer request needed in order to enroll my child in online instruction or charter/private school?

No. In these situations a transfer request is not required. Please notify your current school office of your new enrollment plans.