2018 Facilities Bond

In May 2018, Corvallis voters approved a $199,916,925 capital construction bond, enabling us to transform our aging infrastructure and provide more innovative and equitable opportunities for all. Community support helped us get this important bond measure passed and we will do our best to keep you informed. We are committed to engaging the community in the upcoming phases of our construction projects and welcome your participation.

Bond Program

The 2018 Bond Program will assist the Corvallis School District in reaching the goal of an equitable learning environment for all students in all schools. Bond projects will inspire students to achieve their educational goals, while continuing to provide excellent stewardship of District resources.

Bond Oversight Committee

The Bond Oversight Committee will actively monitor the Corvallis School District bond program in the following ways:

  • Ensure bond revenues are used only for the purposes consistent with the voter-approved 2018 bond measure and consistent with state law.
  • Serve as a key communicator of information related to the bond to ensure transparency to all stakeholders.
  • Review bond program performance and financial audits; may inspect school facilities and grounds related to bond activities accompanied by district staff.

The committee will meet quarterly to review reports produced by the district each year the bond proceeds are spent in order to assess general compliance with the bond measure approved by voters.

The Bond Oversight Committee will be comprised of seven members and a representative from the Corvallis School Board. Committee members will primarily be professionals with experience in construction, finance, auditing, public budgeting, banking and general business.

October 10, 2018 update: The application process is now closed. All applications will be reviewed by the Bond Management Team and committee members will be approved by the superintendent. The committee roster will be announced October 16.

Design Guidance Teams

Composed of up to fifteen members and facilitated by bond program architects, these advisory groups will assist in the development of district-wide design standards for bond projects. Students, staff and community members having a special interest or expertise in the given topic (described below) are invited to apply. The concepts of equity and sustainability will be a primary consideration in all topic areas. The deadline to apply is October 15. Paper copies of the application are available at all schools.

All four teams will meet on the following dates at the Western View Center: Workshop 1: October 24, 6 – 9 pm, Workshop 2: November 7, 5:30 – 9:30 pm, Workshop 3: November 28, 6 pm – 9 pm. Childcare and interpretation will be available at all meetings.

  • Safety Design Guidance Team will discuss topics such as security through environmental design, intercoms, video surveillance, and fire detection systems.
  • Teaching & Learning Design Guidance Team will discuss topics such as enabling educational programs through facility design including outdoor learning, general and special education, community learning, project-based learning, career and technical education, and future ready classrooms.
  • Operations Design Guidance Team will discuss topics such as custodial needs, site circulation (bikes, pedestrians, cars), community use of facilities, and infrastructure.
  • Health & Wellness Design Guidance Team will discuss topics such as food services, student health services, physical education, athletic facilities, and playgrounds.

Community Input Session

All stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input at a Design Guidance Community Meeting on November 19, 6:30 – 8:00 pm. This will be a listening and learning opportunity for anyone who is interested in providing input on the four design guidance team topic areas. The meeting will be held at Lincoln Elementary School in the gym.

Our goal is to provide multiple ways for our community to get involved with the bond program. Stay tuned for regular updates on the district website and at school board meetings. Questions about the bond program may be directed to Facilities and Transportation Director, Kim Patten at 541-757-4487.

Design Advisory Committees (school-based)

Composed of up to twelve members including key staff, students and members of school stakeholder groups, including neighborhood association representation. These committees will be in place for each school. They will be facilitated by bond program architects and will serve as advisors to the design professionals. The concepts of equity and sustainability will be a primary consideration in all topic areas. Design Advisory Committees will be established at the beginning of the design process for the school and will continue at least through the life of the project.

  • Meeting schedule to be determined.
  • Application is available for all schools at the link below.
  • Garfield, Lincoln, and Hoover committees deadline to apply is October 26.
  • All other school committees will be formed in January. Deadline to apply is November 30.

Apply HERE.

Bond Program Management and Design Standards

Wenaha Group was selected to manage the district’s bond program. The bond program will include a number of phases including:

  • conceptual planning (preliminary work conducted by staff)
  • design development (stakeholder engagement during this phase)
  • bidding and contract awards
  • construction

All aspects of the bond program will be aligned with the work of the district Innovation Team and the Core Values for Educational DesignTwo different types of design standards will be developed for the bond program educational specifications and technical specifications. Design Guidance Teams will develop district-wide standards in the fall of 2018. Teams will be composed of up to 15 members including students, staff and community members having a special interest or expertise in the given topic.

Procurements and Contract Awards

The intended scope of the 2018 Facilities Bond Program includes two new elementary schools which will replace Hoover and Lincoln Elementary Schools, the replacement of 21 modular classrooms across the district’s elementary schools with permanent classroom facilities, the addition of multi‐purpose dining commons at four elementary schools, capital repairs district‐wide, safety upgrades district‐wide, and the modernization of teaching spaces district‐wide.

Questions may be directed to the Facilities and Transportation Department at 541-757-5877 or by email to Bond Program Director, Dave Fishel.

Bond Projects Listed by School