Emergency and School Closure Notifications

If you become aware that an emergency situation has occurred at your child's school, please DO NOT call the school and DO NOT travel to the school. Emergency communications will be implemented as soon as information is available and parents/guardians will be provided information about the situation and where/when to pick up their student.

Inclement Weather

The safety of students is the primary consideration for any decision regarding snow routes, delayed start, school cancellation or district closure. The superintendent consults with district facilities and transportation staff and regional agencies to make informed decisions regarding risk factors.

Automated Call and Text Alerts (SchoolMessenger)

The district’s mass notification system, School Messenger, is used for school closures, delays and emergency notifications.

Who Receives Notifications

At the start of each school year, information from student registration forms is input into the student information database. SchoolMessenger receives updated information from this database once each day. Parents and guardians of current students are automatically opted-in to receive notifications.

  • It is critical that parents/guardians keep their contact information current. Be sure to let your school office know if you have a new address or phone number.
  • Legal guardians 1 and 2 in the student information system will receive a notification.
  • Legal guardians have the option to OPT-IN to receive an SMS text message in addition to a phone call. Simply send a text message to 67587 with YES in the message. You will receive a confirmation text.

If you wish to opt-out of receiving phone calls, please call your student’s school office.

Attendance Messages

Middle and high schools use SchoolMessenger to notify parents/guardians of their student’s unexcused absences and tardies. Typically, parents/guardians will receive a call by 11 am in the morning, and if still unexcused, will receive a second call at the end of the school day. For student safety reasons, at least one legal guardian must be opt-in to receive attendance messages.

How Emergency Messages are Sent

SchoolMessenger will send the same emergency message to guardians in three different ways to ensure you receive the information:

  • In a pre-recorded voice phone call
  • In an email containing a link to the recorded voice message. Email messages may also include a text version of the recorded message.
  • In a text message containing a link to the recorded voice message, or a shortened text version of the recorded message.

This redundancy is important in case one or more methods of communication are out of service.

FlashAlert and Linn-Benton Alert

The FlashAlert Newswire is an emergency notification service available to all on the web, via email, and as a smartphone app.

  • This service allows anyone to opt-in to receive school emergency or snow closure information for the Corvallis School District.
  • Registration is free and subscribers may opt-in to receive information as an e-mail, cell phone text message, or notification through the app on your smartphone. An annual review of your subscription is recommended to verify updated contact information.
  • To register, visit and click on the Willamette Valley region on the map, then click “Benton Co. Schools,” then “Corvallis Sch. Dist.”

Linn-Benton Alert is a two-county mass notification system that allows public safety officials to provide rapid notifications of emergencies, evacuations and other urgent events to Linn and Benton County residents.

  • This service allows anyone to opt-in to receive alerts on your cell, home, and/or work phone; by e-mail, text messages, or TTY (hearing impaired devices).
  • An annual review of your subscription is recommended to verify updated contact information.

Social Media, Radio, Print, and TV

We publish alerts and notification on the Corvallis School District home page, Safety Alerts page, Facebook page, and Twitter (@CSDNow).

  • Media outlets are notified through the FlashAlert Newswire and media releases prepared by district staff.