Welcome to the Corvallis School District! Our substitute staff provide an invaluable service to our schools. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated. By working together, we can provide the best education possible for our students.

New Substitutes

We are pleased to announce that the Corvallis School District has recently partnered with EDUStaff, LLC as a 3rd party employer for our licensed and classified substitute employees effective for the next school year (2018-19). In order to be placed on the licensed or classified substitute list with the Corvallis School District, you must first apply with EDUStaff by following this link:

Frontline/Absence Management Login

If you need access to Absence Management (formerly AESOP), the online substitute system, the web address is and the phone number is 800-942-3767. Please call our department at 541-757-5840 if you have any questions.