CVHS graduates 2015

About Us

Our district is committed to building relationships of trust and respect, providing inclusive learning environments that are culturally relevant, and igniting student engagement through real-world, experiential learning. The Corvallis School District is one of the best in the state of Oregon and we are proud of our tradition of excellence.  Located in a community that values education and life-long learning, our students benefit from our relationships with community partners including Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College.

Estamos ofreciendo una opción a través de Google Translate que traduce a diferentes lenguajes los contenidos de nuestra nueva página internet del Distrito Escolar. También sabemos que Google Translate tiene sus limitaciones. Agradecemos su paciencia mientras desarrollamos páginas escritas específicamente para nuestras familias que hablan español. Si tuviera preguntas sobre la información en nuestra página internet, por favor contacte a la oficina de su escuela para recibir ayuda.

Our Core Values

Relationships Build a Community of Trust and Respect

  • With collaborative relationships, all feel known, valued, and encouraged to take risks. Each individual is inspired to perform at their highest potential.

Inclusive Learning Environments are Culturally Relevant

  • Nurturing and inclusive schools exhibit vibrant learning cultures that celebrate diversity. Equitable access and support enhance learning for students of all backgrounds and abilities to pursue their passions. We are dedicated to meeting each student’s needs.

Real-World, Experiential Learning is Meaningful and Applied

  • Relevant activities ignite learner passion and imagination. Cross-curricular learning helps students pursue their curiosities, solve real-world problems, and make learning visible through student exhibitions. With high expectations, our programs and spaces nurture creativity and a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Community Connections Support Learning

  • Our schools foster a diverse array of partnerships to maximize opportunities for student success. We leverage community assets and offer a rich range of opportunities and supports for students and families.

Adaptability is Critical to our Success

  • Together, programs and facilities are designed to adapt as necessary to support student success in a rapidly changing world. Access to indoor and outdoor spaces reflect and stimulate curiosity, imagination, and learning.