Facts and Figures

School and District Report Cards

The Oregon Department of Education produces yearly report cards for schools and districts. These reports, called for by the 1999 state legislature, provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing. Report cards are released in October.

Enrollment Statistics

  • Current enrollment is approximately 6,600 students. This excludes Muddy Creek Charter School with an enrollment of 110 students.
  • Corvallis students represent more than 50 different countries of birth.
  • The top five languages spoken in student’s homes are English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Korean.
  • 13% have been identified as Talented and Gifted (TAG)
  • 17% have a home language other than English
  • 8% are English language learners
  • 11% are on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • 36% take part in the Free and Reduced Price meal program

Average class sizes, demographics, enrollment by school

The average student:teacher ratio at our elementary schools is 24, with a low of 20 (Lincoln) and a high of 28 (Franklin). the average student:teacher ratio at our secondary schools is 28, with a low of 26 (Franklin), and a high of 31 (Crescent Valley).

Each year, the Finance and Operations Department prepares By the Numbers, a report providing an overview of district demographics, enrollment, and building utilization.

Publications and Reports

Each year the school district publishes a variety of reports and informational materials covering a wide range of topics.

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