Facts and Figures


School and District Report Cards

The Oregon Department of Education produces yearly report cards for schools and districts. These reports, called for by the 1999 state legislature, provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing. Report cards are released each fall based on prior year data.

Publications and Reports

The school district publishes a variety of reports and informational materials covering a wide range of topics.

District Demographics and Building Utilization Reports

The Finance and Operations Department prepares By the Numbers, an annual report providing an overview of district demographics, enrollment, and building utilization.

Summary Restraint and Seclusion Reports

Enrollment Statistics

2019-20 student enrollment is approximately 6,733 students, this does not include Muddy Creek Charter School. Each fall the Corvallis School Board receives an enrollment report from staff. Visit the School Board meeting page for dates and times.

Division 22

School district superintendents are required to provide a Division 22 Report to their local school board regarding the district’s standing with respect to all Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools as set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules 581-022-2305. Districts are required to report to the board and community the status on all Division 22 OARs no later than November 1, 2021. The district must also submit this data to the Oregon Department of Education by November 15, 2021. The time frame being assessed in this report is the 2020-2021 school year.

The full report is available at the link below.

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