Jaguar Elementary

Jaguar Elementary provides a solid educational foundation to K-5 students with a focus on high achievement in reading and math. Jaguar also has the Life Skills program, which provides a highly structured learning environment to students who may need additional support.

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What's Happening Now

August, 2021

June, 2021

May, 2021

April, 2021

March, 2021

February, 2021

December, 2020

October, 2020

September, 2020

August, 2020

June, 2020

DLR Group is about a third of the way through the Design Development process. At this stage of the process the architects are fine tuning room dimensions and adjacencies. The architects have also begun to focus on color and finish selections for the interior spaces.

DLR Group presented an updated plan at its most recent core team meeting. This plan has also been shared with staff, and on May 28 it was also presented to the Design Advisory Committee for review and comment.

May, 2020

DLR Group has completed Schematic Design phase after slowing for about a month due to challenges presented both by COVID-19 and alignment of the design and budget. Work on the Design Development phase begins immediately.

Fortis is currently providing preconstruction services for the “JAWs” project – Jaguar, Adams, and Wilson elementary schools.  In the last month, updated cost models were presented in an effort to compare the bond promise with construction budgets. This process is critical as we pass through Schematic Design and into Design Development of the Construction Documents. The team will work together as we find creative solutions to constructability challenges and maintaining essential design elements.

Core Team meetings restart after the COVID-19 interruption May 1, albeit remotely.

Foundation Engineering will be starting their geotechnical survey to assist in the design of the addition.

April, 2020

March, 2020

DLR Group submitted a draft version of the schematic design report for this project to the District on February 14. The final version of the schematic design book will be presented to the District on March 6.

Fortis will use the month of March to dive deep into the Schematic Drawings to determine cost impacts, constructability detail reviews, and value-engineering options. This early design period is an essential time to help set the direction for success. Although there are similarities between the schools, each has unique characteristics that deserve special attention. Fortis anticipates issuing a comprehensive cost model for each of the three schools in early April.

Core Team meeting #5 will be held March 6. Principals and Office Managers will provide input on the updated designs for the additions and renovations.

As part of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) requirements, a graphic display is being assembled. Students at CHS are working to produce a permanent display that represents an interpretation of the site and building history. Current and past Jaguar students will be asked to document what they have learned about their school’s history and how it connects to the surrounding community.

February, 2020: DLR Group working on schematic design phase

DLR Group is working on the Schematic Design phase of the project for work scheduled to start in the spring of 2021.

The Design Advisory Committee meeting #1 was held January 29. DAC members from Adams, Jaguar and Wilson came together as a group to discuss the bond program and then broke out into individual groups by school to review and comment on their school designs.

Part of the process of renovations and additions includes The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for structures that were built more than 50 years ago. Some projects are granted clearances, but Jaguar was deemed to be of historical importance. The District worked with Archaeological Investigations Northwest to develop an Oregon State Level Documentation report for Jaguar, and a mitigation agreement is in place which among other things, provides for a unique student participation opportunity to produce a permanent display that represents an interpretation of the site and building histories.

January, 2020

DLR Group is working on the Schematic Design phase of the project for work scheduled to start in the spring of 2021. The Design Advisory Committee meeting #1 is scheduled for January 29.

The DAC meetings will be joint meetings between Jaguar, Adams, and Wilson.

December, 2019

November, 2019: Design Advisory Committee Meetings to Begin in January

The DLR Group architect team is preparing to initiate the design processes of the next phase of work scheduled for spring of 2021.  Design Advisory Committee members are being sought. 

This project is being managed in parallel with Wilson and Adams.  There will be shared design efforts, as well as site-specific work.

Core Team meetings (including the bond team and building principals and office managers) kicked off on November 1.  The proposed bond scope was reviewed and input was provided on the initial design concepts for the addition and renovation.

September, 2019: Design Process to Begin

Seismic work was completed before the start of the new school year. DLR Group, the project architect, is preparing to initiate the design processes of the next phase of work still scheduled for the spring of 2021. The bond team is working on a plan for community and staff involvement.

August 15, 2019

Fortis is making great progress with construction activities and remains on track despite the unforeseen items that come with remodels. Some of the unforeseen items include equipment or ductwork in the way of new seismic braces or clips or heaters/HVAC that needed to be removed off an entire wall length rather than just a small section due to the original construction.

This project is still on schedule and within budget.

June, 2019: Seismic Upgrade Construction Begins

Jaguar will be closed from June 21 through August 25 for seismic upgrade construction work.  The office will temporarily be relocated to a modular classroom. Summer hours will be announced.

February, 2019: Site tours and finalizing investigation process

Site tours by the design team are in progress. Additionally, we are finalizing the design engineer’s investigation process with documentation. Seismic upgrade design work is also in progress.

Activities scheduled for next quarter include hazardous material sampling and testing and continued pre-design.

December, 2018: Site walk-throughs completed

Site walk-through by the project team and structural engineers.

October 15, 2018: Seismic Design & Permitting

Bond program managers are currently working on design and permitting for seismic projects to be completed at Jaguar Elementary this summer.

Project Timeline

Jaguar Elementary Bond Project Timeline

Bond Projects at Jaguar

Jaguar Elementary was built in 1960. Jaguar’s current enrollment is 351, with a current capacity of 383.

Security camera icon transparent background Safety & Security Improvements

  • Improve seismic safety
  • Replace emergency communication systems
  • Secure front entry and office modifications
  • Improve emergency lighting
  • Improve sidewalk & site circulation

Construction icon transparent background Capacity Improvements

  • Add four permanent classrooms, remove portable classrooms
  • Renovate classrooms for student support services

Light bulb icon transparent background Major Repairs

  • Upgrade mechanical infrastructure
  • Upgrade finishes in hallways and shared spaces including floors, paint, and ceilings
  • Improve ADA accessibility
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Replace covered play shelter

Computer icon transparent background Modern Educational Spaces

  • Create collaborative/small group learning areas
  • Create dedicated PE space by adding multi-use cafeteria


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