Central Instructional Media Center

Located at the Harding Center, the CIMC serves as an educational hub that provides resources and district level support to all schools in the district with a collection of more than 2,000 titles of multi-media materials including book sets, DVDs, models, and kits.

Due to the pandemic, CIMC staff are working from home most days and are only in the office for limited hours.

We still want to support all teachers and staff. Please continue to book CIMC items as in the past and we will send them to your school via courier.

If there is no answer at 541-757-5923 after August 31, 2020, please contact the following staff if you need to pick up something or use the die cuts. We will arrange to meet you at CIMC.

CIMC Resources Available

  • The collection also includes curriculum for grades K-5 science, geography, and literature, as well as social studies curriculum for the primary grades.
  • Supplementary math kits and literature circle sets of books are also available.
  • Teachers can search the CIMC database from their school library site by checking the CIMC Media box (see Booking Instructions for Staff).
  • Search the CIMC database

Production Center

CIMC services also include a self-serve staff production center. Equipment includes paper cutters, a report binding machine, and more than 400 die shapes including seasonal themes, bulletin board borders,bookmarks, finger puppets,pattern block multiples, and geography.


Science class

Hands on Science and Engineering Kits (Grades K-5)

Contact the CIMC with your request for science kits. Kits will be ordered for you and will arrive at your school according to the district's master schedule. Grade level PLC groups will have the same kit at the same time to facilitate educational planning. Everyone will be provided with their own kit.

Elementary students standing in classroom

Health Education Kits (Grades K-5) - in addition to The Great Body Shop

Health kits include a wide range of subjects, from personal hygiene to school and fire safety lessons.

2014 picture of two children in class, Hirut and Jonas

Social Studies Kits (Grades K-2)

Social studies kits are available for primary grades only. Teachers can book the following resources online.