Graduation Requirements

Top view of 2013 Corvallis High School Graduation

Our goal is that all students graduate from high school prepared for a career path that matches their personal interests and skills.

Oregon High School Diploma

To earn a high school diploma, students need to meet the following standards.

  1. Successfully complete the credit requirements for graduation.
  2. Meet personalized learning requirements.

Credit requirements (24 total)

  • 4 credits English
  • 3 credits Mathematics*
  • 3 credits Science**
  • 3 credits Social Studies
  • 1 credit Physical Education***
  • 1 credit Health
  • .5 credits Higher Education and Career Path Skills***
  • .5 credits Personal Financial Education***
  • 3 credits Arts/ Career and Technical Education/Second Language****
  • 5.5 credits Electives

* Math credits must be earned at or above Algebra 1
** 3 lab experience/scientific inquiry credits
***This requirement begins in January, 2027.
****Any one or a combination
*****This requirement is reduced to 5 in 2027

Two Crescent Valley High School 2017 graduates sitting on stairs

Other Diploma Information

In addition to the Oregon Diploma, some students may be eligible to earn a Modified Diploma, Extended Diploma, or Certificate of Attendance.

Personalized Learning Requirements

The Personalized Learning Requirements personalize the diploma for each student and help students plan for their post-high school education and career goals. These include the Education Plan and Profile, Extended Application, and Career-Related Learning Experiences.

Education Plan & Profile
Students create their education plan and profile in our district’s Career Learning System (MajorClarity). The Education Plan and Profile includes:

  • Course history
  • A personality assessment
  • A learning style assessment
  • A four-year academic plan

Career-Related Learning Experiences

In our district’s Career Learning System (MajorClarity) students:

  • Explore career pathways and occupations that match their interests
  • Write a career plan
  • Create a resumé

During grade 11, students attend the Benton County Career Convention and participate in mock interviews, meet with career panelists and connect with community partners and employers.

Extended Application
Oregon high-school graduates must meet the statewide Extended Application graduation requirement. Corvallis School District high school students can meet the Extended Application requirement by completing one of two Extended Application options, creating a portfolio of their work and and doing a presentation in Senior Advisor.