Teaching and Learning

Our priority is that all schools cultivate an environment and culture that supports all students and that all schools have great leaders and teachers.The Teaching and Learning Department encompasses all aspects of resources and support for students and school staff including: student engagement, curriculum, student learning assessments, educational programs, oversight of school principals and administrators, and professional development opportunities for teaching staff.

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Student Supports

We support academic excellence for all students and we believe that all students can reach their full potential. Our district gives students access to a variety of educational options.

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Curriculum and Student Learning Assessments

Our teaching staff utilize instructional technology and foundational and supplemental curriculum to engage all types of learners. We measure student learning through common formative assessments, standardized testing, and project based learning.

Supporting Great Teachers

Teaching staff focus on guiding student learning through a variety of instructional practices including small group instruction, project based learning, and very specific activities such as ‘think pair share’, quick write, Socratic seminars, and Cornell note taking.

  • We provide prep time for teachers and ongoing professional development opportunities in our schools.
  • The New Teacher Academy and mentoring program provide first year support for teaching staff.
  • Professional Learning Communities allow teachers to work collaboratively and share best practices for classroom instruction.
  • Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) summer training