Cheldelin Middle

Cheldelin Middle School aims to foster each student's academic, emotional, and social growth by creating an inspiring and adaptive learning environment. Each student has access to diverse learning styles, rigorous educational opportunities, and an engaging community.

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Project Information

What's Happening Now

May, 2019: Early design discussions underway

Facilitated by the PIVOT Architecture team and led by Principal Darren Bland, the school’s core team will begin regular meetings this month. The core team includes the principal, school and district facilities staff. The Cheldelin Design Advisory will be convened in the fall. The schedule for Cheldelin has changed and construction is now planned to begin in the summer of 2020.

April 2019: Spring and summer projects

New bleachers were installed in the Cheldelin gym in April. The final planning is underway for the track resurfacing that will be completed this summer. The Cheldelin track and infield will be closed to the public from June 21 through August 30.

February, 2019: Initial project investigation

Initial project investigation work is in progress, including geotechnical soil borings, hazardous material surveys, and topographical surveys.

Next quarter, initial project investigation work will involve wetland surveys and seismic evaluations. Other activities scheduled for next quarter include bleacher installation scheduled for Spring Break 2019 and track resurfacing scheduled for summer 2019.

Project Timeline

Cheldelin bond timeline

Construction scheduled to begin Summer 2020

Bond Projects at Cheldelin

Security camera icon transparent background Safety & Security Improvements

  • Improve emergency lighting
  • Improve seismic safety
  • Replace wooden bleachers in the gym

Light bulb icon transparent background Renovations & Repairs

  • Improve ADA accessibility
  • Install elevator to upper gym for ADA access
  • Renovate cafeteria
  • Replace kitchen flooring
  • Resurface track
  • Upgrade mechanical infrastructure including electrical, heating, and plumbing systems
  • Renovate restrooms

Computer icon transparent background Modern Educational Spaces

  • Renovate classroom to create a STEM lab
  • Renovate library/media center


Coming soon!

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