College Hill

Our purpose is to help each student develop a framework of accountability that promotes learning and inspires courage to invest in the future. Our staff will empower students by providing superior learning opportunities in a unique and exceptional environment.

Independent Study Environment

Students move toward a high school diploma at a self-determined pace. Our staff provides guidance, support, and materials that meet each student’s unique learning needs.

  • Students learn to set long and short term goals and to exercise discipline to reach those goals.
  • We coordinate services provided in conjunction with Corvallis High and Crescent Valley High Schools.
  • Most students are referred to College Hill from CHS or CVHS. Students who complete their educational plan at College Hill may return to their home high school at semester if they wish to do so.
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Getting Started at College Hill

Meet with your high school counselor to discuss whether College Hill is an option for you. Placement testing and a College Hill counselor meeting with the student and parent/guardian is required prior to admission in the program.

College Hill classroom

Community Resources and Support

Our staff is committed to each student's success. Additional resources are available for students and families.