Daily Schedule and Student Expectations

School Schedule

Students are given a start time and expected to be at school for enough time each day to complete the performance goal they have set for the semester. Depending on the goal, some students attend all day; others might only attend a few hours. Student’s start time will be determined during admissions. The end time each school day depends on how long it takes a student to complete the required assignments for the day.

Typical school hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

What can College Hill students expect?

Students work at their own pace in materials that suit their skill level.

  • Students have access to help from staff at all times.
  • Students are tracked daily and are held accountable to goals.
  • Student schedules vary from day to day depending on how long it takes to meet daily goals.
  • Students who need help improving skills are given classes to bring those skills up.

Our Philosophy

We believe all students are unique individuals who can learn. We also believe students:

  • deserve a safe, caring environment in which to learn.
  • require skills to be productive, including reading, writing, math, and computer skills.
  • must value learning and education as the key to personal and economic success.
  • must learn and practice self-motivation and self-management to have a successful life.
  • will realize their potential when expectations for success are high.

Steps Students can Take to be Successful at College Hill

Attend school regularly.

  • Work hard while at school.
  • Produce high quality assignments.
  • Complete all daily assignments before leaving each day.
  • Come to school every day to learn and improve skills.
  • Plan for the future after high school and use high school to further that plan.

Communicate appropriately with staff and students.

  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Participate in elective, hands-on opportunities.
  • Take an interest in College Hill and the Corvallis community.