Community Use of School Facilities

The Corvallis School District cooperates with the community in providing use of district facilities when possible without interference with the education and activity programs of the schools or the requirements for maintenance and security of the facilities and grounds.

Reopening CSD Facilities for Community Use

Updated August 19, 2020

We understand our community members are anxious to return to school campuses, fields, and playgrounds.

  • Our operational focus is on ensuring a successful reopening of schools in October.
  • The district is currently accepting community use requests.
  • Community-use activities will not be approved until further notice.
  • A limited number of our staff are accessing the buildings and school grounds to perform essential operational functions.
  • A limited number of district-sponsored activities are taking place in schools this summer with required safety plans in place.

Groups wishing to use district facilities must complete an online request through our Community Use Request System.

  • If your organization has already created a user profile, login to the Community Use Calendar to submit your request.
  • Requests must be requested at least fifteen working days before the scheduled event and no more than six months in advance of use.
  • Proof of liability insurance is required and must be submitted before the facility use request can be finalized.

Instructions for first time Community Use requests

Facility requests are managed through an online system. You can enroll online and enter requests for after-hours facility usage by creating a user profile. Step by step instructions are available here. Follow the link below to create a new user profile

The links below provide quick access to the login page and details about facility usage rules and procedures.


Please contact a building coordinator for specific questions concerning location availability and set-up logistics.

Adams Elementary

Administrator: Kevin Meyer
1615 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, OR

Cheldelin Middle School

Administrator: Karen Robinson
987 NE Conifer Blvd, Corvallis, OR

Corvallis High School

Administrator: Laurie Laney
1400 NW Buchanan Avenue, Corvallis, OR

Crescent Valley High School

Administrator: Keri Spreadbury
4444 NW Highland Drive, Corvallis, OR

CSD Theaters (CHS and CVHS)

Administrator: Elizabeth Wyatt
1400 NW Buchanan Avenue, Corvallis, OR

District Office and Western View Center

Administrator: Michael Gardner-Brown
1555 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, OR

Franklin K-8

Administrator: Max Folsom
750 NW 18th Street, Corvallis, OR

Garfield Elementary

Administrator: David Harner
1205 NW Garfield Avenue, Corvallis, OR

Harding Center

Administrator: Jason Eaton
510 NW 31st Street, Corvallis, OR

Hoover Elementary

Administrator: Marcy Hermens
3838 NW Walnut Blvd., Corvallis, OR

Jefferson Elementary

Administrator: Kaeleb Murray
1825 NW 27th Street, Corvallis, OR

Lincoln Elementary

Administrator: Julie Wilborn
110 SE Alexander Avenue, Corvallis, OR

Linus Pauling Middle School

Administrator: Jessica Kinsey
1111 NW Cleveland Avenue, Corvallis, OR

Mountain View Elementary

Administrator: Nancy Zook
340 NE Granger Avenue, Corvallis, OR

Wilson Elementary

Administrator: Beth Roberson
2701 NW Satinwood Drive, Corvallis, OR