Our Vision: The Corvallis School District will meet the educational, environmental, social, and economic needs of its students and community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs through balancing the mutually interdependent areas of education, environment, society, and economy.

History of Sustainability in the Corvallis School District

A Sustainability Steering Committee was formed in 2009 to investigate how the district can become more sustainable in its operations, how to incorporate sustainability in each classroom and to provide leadership in fulfilling the district’s sustainability goals. Recommendations from this committee informed our operational practices, and in 2016, the school board revisited the topic of sustainability and initiated a new committee.

In 2017-18, a sustainability task force was convened to determine how best to implement sustainability systematically throughout the district. Recommendations included setting up systems to support and expand on-going sustainability practices, changing the culture of the district to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of district work and to ensure that sustainability values guide future decisions, and engaging with programs that provide recognition and support for sustainability work in school districts.

rooftop solar panels at Corvallis High

Sustainability in District Operations

The Corvallis School District has been integrating sustainable practices into its operations for decades. This commitment is evident in the way we build and maintain our facilities, manage our use of energy and resources, provide nutritious food options, and handle our waste.

Sustainable Practices in our District

The Corvallis School District Board, staff and students have been working diligently for several years to increase sustainability in our schools and buildings. With the support of our community, we strive to integrate sustainability into our built environment, our practices, and the internalized core values of our students and families. Learn more about our efforts and get involved by contacting us and exploring the links below.

students hiking on trail

School Sustainability Leaders and Student Engagement

Our district is committed to both practicing and teaching the concept of sustainability to assure that current and future generations of students will enjoy a healthy environment. Our commitment to authentic, real-world learning guides the development of learning opportunities that will help our students understand the issues that affect the quality of our environment now and into the future.

Updated Sustainability Management Plan

The Corvallis School District invites community input on a revised draft of our Sustainability Management Plan originally adopted by the School Board in 2019. The district has revised our Sustainability Management Plan to reflect the accomplished work and set attainable goals for the next two years.


  • November 16-27: Feedback is gathered from staff, families, students, and the community.
  • December 1: Draft Sustainability Management Plan is submitted in the board packet.
  • December 7: The school board conducts a first read of the revised plan at their regular business meeting. 

The executive summary is posted below in English and Spanish.