Staff Evaluation

We believe evaluation systems are important in supporting ongoing professional learning using clear standards of practice and expectations. All employees serve an important role in our school district’s overall goal of improved learning and achievement for all students.

The purpose of the evaluation handbooks are to provide a structure for staff to self-reflect on their professional practices and for administrators and staff to engage in conversations to improve their work or teaching practices. The evaluation processes stand on the premise that all professionals are committed to improving their performance no matter how skillful they are.

Teaching Staff Evaluation

The Corvallis School District’s evaluation process is based on the 5D+ Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation Framework from the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership. The framework includes equity language and look-fors, describing what it looks like at each of the four performance levels. This provides a tool for administrators and licensed staff to engage in conversations about professional growth that will improve the quality of instruction for our students.

Classified Staff Evaluation

The school district created a classified evaluation rubric designed to use similar language aligned with the licensed evaluations. The standards identify the aspects of an employee’s responsibilities broken out into four domains: Planning and Organization, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Job Performance, and Professionalism/Follows District Policies and Safety Procedures.