Long Range Planning

We are committed to providing a safe and modern learning environment for our students. As a public institution, we are responsible to mitigate risk in any way we can to our physical buildings and the people who occupy them. This involves long range facilities planning as well as day-to-day procedures and best practices for the safety of students, staff, and other visitors.

Long Range Facilities Planning Process

Planning is a continual process in our district. For long term planning, a facilities advisory committee is convened by the superintendent and is comprised of educational leaders, school board members, and community members with planning and facilities expertise. On the superintendent’s recommendation, a Long Range Facilities Plan is reviewed and approved by the school board. We begin the review and update of the facilities master plan every 5-7 years.

The Corvallis School Board adopted the Long Range Facilities Master Plan and approved a resolution to put a bond measure before voters for Phase I projects. Voters approved a facilities bond in November 2002 totaling $86,397,641. Construction activities funded by the bond began in June 2003 and were completed in 2008. Projects included the replacement of Corvallis High School, major renovations at Crescent Valley High School, the replacement of Highland View and Western View Middle Schools with the new Linus Pauling Middle School, and major repairs to other buildings to address accessibility and immediate safety concerns, including seismic upgrades.

A Long Range Facilities Master Plan (LRFMP) committee was convened to review progress on the long range facilities master plan projects, analyze current facility needs, and determine how to address those needs. A recommended LRFMP was adopted by the school board in 2008.

Staff began a review of the LRFMP by facilitating a comprehensive facilities assessment completed by DOWA-IBI Group. The assessment was completed and a facilities report was provided to the school board at the January 27, 2014 meeting. Staff recommended next steps to include an educational visioning process to make sure that educational adequacy would be the driving force in facilities planning.

Superintendent Erin Prince directed staff to engage with a consultant to lead an educational visioning process. The superintendent identified the need for an Innovation Team made up of district educators and school administrators to complete this process. The District contracted with Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. to develop and analyze demographic data relevant to the District’s facility planning efforts. The report was presented to the school board in February 2016. Read the report here. 

The Innovation Team was convened by Superintendent Prince and asked to envision what is possible for students as we prepare for the next 15-20 years in education. The team was invited to explore ways to provide dynamic instruction to better equip students for success in a rapidly-changing world and envision powerful learning environments to support 21st century skill development.  In June 2016, the culmination of that process was shared with the school board in a summary report, The Road Ahead 

Upon the completion of the educational visioning process, Superintendent Noss convened a Long Range Facilities Planning Committee to incorporate the work of the Innovation Team, review facility needs and recommend a Long Range Facilities Master Plan. This comprehensive, process was facilitated by DLR Group and included six committee meetings and thirteen public “Community Night” information meetings in October, 2017. The committee completed its work in November 2017. The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee Recommendation Report provides an Executive Summary of the planning process and details of the plan that was provided to the superintendent. Appendix I to the Executive Summary is a 355 page document that includes all supplementary materials from committee workshops; a digital copy is available by request.

Long Range Facilities Master Plan Adopted January 11, 2018

Superintendent Noss recommended a final version of the LRFMP to the school board in December, 2017. The Corvallis School Board adopted a Long Range Facilities Master Plan on January 11, 2018. In a separate action, the board also approved a resolution to place a bond on the May 2018 ballot with a prioritized list of long range plan projects for a total of $199,916,925. The resolution and approved bond projects are available on the 2018 Facilities Bond page of this website.

For more information regarding the 2017 Long Range Facilities Planning Committee visit the Facilities Planning Committee page.