Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning Committee was charged to develop a Long Range Facilities Master Plan to help transform an aging infrastructure and provide more innovative and equitable opportunities for all students. The committee was appointed by Superintendent Noss in January 2017 and completed their work in November 2017.

January 2018 Update: School Board Approves Bond Measure for May 15 Ballot

The Corvallis School Board adopted the recommended Long Range Facilities Plan at the January 11, 2018 meeting. The plan is a living document that will be used by Facilities and Transportation Director Kim Patten to prioritize projects throughout the district. View the plan at the link below.

In a separate action, the board voted to place a general obligation bond on the May 15, 2018 ballot for school facilities improvements as prioritized in the Long Range Facilities Plan.

The total amount of the bond is $199,916,925. View the school board resolution and approved bond projects at the links below.

Based on a levy rate analysis by Piper Jaffrey, assuming an assessed property value of $240,000, if approved, this bond would result in a $1.98 levy rate which is an increase from the average levy rate of $1.64 for the current facilities bond that will fully expire in 2019. The 2018 bond represents a projected increase of $7 per month for property tax owners.

Projects in the bond are designed to:

  • increase safety for students and staff, including secure school entrances, controlled access locks, lighting, and security cameras;
  • address overcrowding and replace all unsecure and inefficient portable classrooms and include dedicated spaces for music and art/science instruction, and multi-purpose dining commons separate from physical education/gym spaces at Adams, Garfield, Jefferson, Mt. View and Wilson;
  • replace two inadequate elementary schools (Lincoln and Hoover), schools will be constructed on same sites, with construction phasing that allows students to remain on site;
  • improve career and technical education spaces in middle and high schools;
  • and address critical maintenance issues to extend the life of school buildings and increase energy efficiency. Projects replacing leaking roofs and pipes, replacing outdated and inefficient boilers and removing asbestos floor tiles.

More information about bond projects is available on the 2018 Facilities Bond page.

December 2017 Update: Superintendent Makes Recommendation to School Board

At the December 7, 2017 school board meeting, Facilities Director Kim Patten presented the full recommendation of the Facilities Planning Committee. The full presentation of the committee recommendation is available online.

Prior to the presentation of the Superintendent’s recommendation, the board was invited to ask for additional information from staff for the December 18 Board Work Session.

Superintendent Noss presented his recommendation of the Long Range Facility Master Plan. The plan in large part includes the recommendations from the committee. The table includes three categories of improvements
including capital facility improvements, building replacement costs, and educational
program improvements. Numbers displayed in red are the areas where my
recommendation differs from the task force. With a total estimated project cost of
$206,121,941, this plan brings us close to a levy rate of $2.02 per $1,000 of assessed value over 20 years. According to Superintendent Noss, these investments in our facilities represent good stewardship of taxpayer funds and will significantly extend the life of our school buildings. This plan aligns with our core values and will serve the future needs of students and our district.

Key elements in the superintendent’s recommended plan include completing capital repairs at all schools, replacing Lincoln and Hoover elementary schools with new buildings on the existing school sites, eliminating all modular classrooms, providing dedicated music, art/science, and collaborative learning areas in all K-5 schools and supporting projects for CTE learning in the middle and high schools. The complete recommendation is available in Boardbook.

The school board will meet at a work session on December 18 to continue to this work and is scheduled to vote on a final plan at the January 11, 2018 board meeting. Questions about the planning process or the information meetings may be directed to Kim Patten, Facilities and Transportation Director at 541-757-5877 or

November 2017 Update: Planning Near Completion

The Facilities Planning Committee had two final meetings during the month of November. The agenda for the first meeting included time for discussing community feedback and how best to prioritize facilities projects. At the second meeting committee members finalized the draft plan. Facilities Planning Committee meetings were open to the public. Comment cards were available at the meeting. 

October 2017 Update: Community Feedback Gathered

During the month of October, we gathered public input on the draft plan at a Community Information Night meeting at each school location. These meetings were designed to provide staff, families, and community members with information about the concept plans for that school. Each meeting included a presentation of the concept plan for the school and an overview of the “feeder” schools associated with that school. Childcare and interpreters (Spanish) were available. Also in October we hosted an Eco-Charrette meeting, to gather sustainability related goals for the facilities plan.

Attendance at the Community Information Night meetings was generally comprised of parents and school neighbors. Average attendance for all meetings was 18 people, excluding presenters and school board members. There were 243 total attendees and 502 written comments. A summary of all community feedback from these meetings was provided to the Corvallis School Board at their October 26, 2017 meeting. The report to the board is available HERE.

Commitee Goals and Objectives

Develop a Long Range Facilities Master Plan recommendation for school board approval that:

  • Supports learning environments that are safe and accessible
  • Inspires innovative learning, accommodates evolving instructional practices, and promotes collaboration among students, staff and community
  • Is cost-effective for the taxpayer, energy efficient, and adaptable for future use by students, staff and the community
  • Complies with the requirements of ORS 195.110

See the full committee roster HERE.

Additional Resources

A number of reports were developed in preparation for the committee’s work. They are available using the links below.

The committee completed its work in November 2017. The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee Recommendation Report provides an Executive Summary of the planning process and details of the plan that was provided to the superintendent. The Executive Summary report is available at:  Appendix I to the Executive Summary is a 355 page document that includes all supplementary materials from committee workshops; a digital copy is available by request. Please contact Facilities & Transportation Director Kim Patten at 541-757-4487.