Garfield Elementary

Garfield Elementary is a dual language immersion school that focuses on the needs of the whole child in a positive and caring learning environment.

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Project Information

What's Happening Now

February, 2019: Design and communication

Communication protocol has been established between Wenaha and main office staff at Garfield. Additionally, design is underway.

Activities scheduled for next quarter involve two Design Advisory Committee meetings and a proposal from the geotechnical team.

Se ha establecido un protocolo de comunicación entre el Grupo Wenaha y el personal en la oficina de la escuela primaria Garfield. Además, el diseño está en marcha.

Las actividades programadas para el próximo trimestre incluyen dos reuniones del Comité Asesor de Diseño y una propuesta del equipo geotécnico.

January, 2019: Design Work Begins

The design phase for our school will begin in January 2019. Construction is scheduled to begin in September 2019. We will share regular updates and opportunities for input.

La fase de construcción para nuestra escuela comenzará en enero de 2019. La construcción está programada para comenzar en septiembre de 2019. Vamos a compartir las actualizaciones constantemente y las oportunidades para su aporte.

November 18, 2018: Garfield Design Advisory Committee

The Design Advisory Committee has been selected. Members include Justin Azhocar, Claudia Bouvier, Yazmin Brambila, Lupita Cobian, Nancy Davila-Williams, David Harner, Maria Hernandez, Elvira Huidor-Dever, Savannah Laney de Battro, Cathy Law, Perla Martinez, Daniel Olvera, Mara Silvera, Tammy Woodman, Maria Wright, Leigh Santy, and a representative from district.

This committee will ensure that the values of the school community are represented in the design and that the school community will be kept informed throughout the design and construction process.

El Comité Asesor de Diseño ha sido seleccionado. Los miembros incluyen Justin Azhocar, Claudia Bouvier, Yazmin Brambila, Lupita Cobian, Nancy Davila-Williams, David Harner, María Hernández, Elvira Huidor-Dever, sabana Laney de Battro, Cathy Law, Perla Martinez, Daniel Olvera, Mara Silvera, Tammy Woodman, María Wright, Leigh Santy, y un representante del personal del distrito.

Este Comité asegurará de que los valores de la comunidad escolar se representen en el diseño y que la comunidad escolar se mantenga informada durante todo el proceso de diseño y construcción. La fase de diseño para nuestra escuela comenzará en enero de 2019.

November - December, 2018: Architect Review and Site Surveying

Pre-design work at Garfield is taking place including a site walk-through by the architect team. The site is also being surveyed as part of the pre-design process.

El trabajo de diseño previo en Garfield se está llevando a cabo incluyendo un recorrido por la obra por el equipo del arquitecto.  La obra está siendo inspeccionada como parte del proceso de diseño previo.


November 5, 2018: Design Advisory Committee

The Garfield Design Advisory Committee will be announced and meetings will get started in January 2019.

Se anunciará el comité asesor de diseño de Garfield y las reuniones se iniciarán en enero de 2019.

Project Timeline

Garfield timeline

Garfield timeline in Spanish

Bond Projects at Garfield

Garfield Elementary was built in 1955. Garfield’s current enrollment is 444, with a current capacity of 468. The projected new capacity is 531.

Security camera icon transparent background Safety & Security Improvements

  • Enhance emergency communication systems
  • Improve playground lighting
  • Improve seismic safety
  • Improve site circulation and parking
  • Replace sidewalks
  • Secure front entry and office modifications

Construction icon transparent background Capacity Improvements

Garfield’s current capacity is 468. The projected new capacity is 531.

  • Add ten permanent classrooms
  • Renovate four existing classrooms for student support services
  • Remove three portable classrooms

Light bulb icon transparent background Renovations & Repairs

  • Add a covered play shelter
  • Improve ADA accessibility
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Renovate restrooms
  • Repair concrete floor foundation
  • Upgrade finishes in hallways and shared spaces, including floors, paint, and ceilings
  • Upgrade mechanical infrastructure, including electrical, heating, and plumbing systems
  • Replace kitchen flooring

Computer icon transparent background Hands-On Learning Modernization

  • Create collaborative/small group learning areas
  • Expand library/media center
  • Relocate school garden for construction, if necessary


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