A transition program for students between the ages of 18 to 21 who are eligible for special education and have not earned a high school standard diploma.

The program provides first-hand independent living and work experiences within the community according to the students’ individual needs. Students are presented with instruction related to pre-employment skills, work experiences, and life skills.  As appropriate, functional academics is incorporated.

  • This program serves students between the ages of 18 to 21 with mild to moderate disabilities.
  • Through the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process, appropriate learning opportunities are provided for individual student abilities and goals.
  • Each student’s unique learning experiences encompass a sequence of activities that build knowledge in a particular vocational and/or functional academic area.
  • Learning experiences expose students to all aspects of the work world and promote the development of broad transferable work and life skills.
  • Real or simulated tasks or assignments are provided in the classroom and community which encourage students to develop higher order critical thinking skills.


August 2018 Update: WINGS is expanding to a second location!

The Harding Center is at capacity and the immediate needs of our program required that the district take quick action to meet the growth of the district’s life skills pathway programs.

A classroom wing at Crescent Valley High School, a cluster of classrooms in the D building, were renovated this summer and will be ready to operate beginning this fall. In addition to the new location at CVHS, one WINGS classroom will continue to be located at the Harding Center.

  • The WINGS program currently has 25 community partner work sites that students access throughout the day.
  • The addition of the CVHS location will add four spaces to the program including locations for quiet, physical therapy, a student lounge (designed to have a similar feeling as a college lounge), and a room for uninterrupted bed rest.
  • This expansion will also provide access to a cooking space outside of the classroom, and will facilitate the operation of student-run businesses and the use of career and technical education classrooms.