School Safety

School emergency preparedness is a process that involves staff, parents, students, emergency responders, and the community. We encourage you to learn more about safety in our schools so we can work together to provide a safe and respectful school environment for all.

Current Safety or Emergency Alerts

During an emergency or closure, information will be posted and updated to the Safety Alerts page on the district website and the legal guardian(s) of impacted students will be contacted. To report a safety concern anonymously, call SafeOregon at 844-472-3367.

Planning Ahead for Safety

Our staff are trained and prepared to educate students to be responsible and safe at school. Additionally, our district is prepared to respond to a variety of situations including weather related emergencies, a school or building disaster, or another threatening situation. We work with community partners in creating a safe and caring environment for all students.

If an emergency or other urgent situation occurs during the school day, we will attempt to notify legal guardians using the contact information provided on student registration forms. It is important that all emergency contact information is up to date.

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Safe Practices at School

We practice safety drills throughout the school year following the school district's standard response protocol (SRP) and encourage all parents and guardians to be informed of these practices.

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Supporting Your Child

Resources are available to support students and families. Talk with your child's teacher or the building principal if you have concerns.

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Facilities Safety

Our commitment to safety includes providing a safe school environment for students, staff, and visitors.