Provide Input and Be Informed

Parents, staff, and community members are invited to attend board meetings, provide input, and stay informed in the following ways.

Opt-in to the School Board Announcements email list

Send a blank e-mail to

You will receive a confirmation reply via e-mail. Once you confirm receipt, you will automatically receive announcements when board meeting agendas and materials are available for review. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Write a letter or e-mail

Letters, emails and other written materials submitted to the board are considered public record.  In lieu of public comment, you may send a letter via U.S. mail to:  Corvallis School Board, Attn: Board Secretary, P.O. Box 3509J, Corvallis, OR 97339.  Also, you may send an email to  This will send your email simultaneously to all board members, and to the superintendent, assistant superintendent, teaching and learning director, human resources director, finance and operations director, and board secretary.

Contact us by phone

Community members may also contact board members by telephone.

Public comment at school board meetings

The Corvallis School Board values the opinions and input of community members. General guidelines are provided to help make the most of your time when communicating with the school board. Members of the public have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions with the school board during the agenda item labeled Public Comment.

  • Public comment is typically taken during the board’s business meetings and generally limited to three minutes per individual.
  • A Request to Address the Board card must be completed prior to the start of the board meeting.
  • The board secretary will announce the name of individuals who will be called to provide public comment.
  • If more comment requests are submitted than can be accommodated during the allotted time on the board’s agenda, written comments may be submitted to the board secretary.

If you wish to submit a letter or any form of written comments, copies will be provided to all board members and key staff members. The document will be maintained as part of the official board record. Letters, emails, and other written materials are considered public records.