Provide Input and Be Informed

The Corvallis School Board values the opinions and input of students, staff, parents, and the community. Comments may be provided during certain meetings and/or via written correspondence, as outlined below.

Opt-in to the School Board Announcements email list

Send an email to Julie Catala.

Contact a member of the School Board by telephone

Please visit the Meet the School Board page for individual phone numbers.

Public Comment at School Board Meetings

This option is available when Public Comment is an item on the agenda. To offer comments:

  • Complete a “Comment Request” card, which can be found on a table near the entrance to the meeting room, give it to the Board Secretary at the head table before the meeting begins.
  • Keep your comments within the specified time allotted, usually three minutes, to allow time for others to comment.
  • Direct your comments to the School Board. The Board Chair will refer questions or requests for action to staff for response at a later date.
  • If you read from a prepared statement, you may choose to leave your written comments with the Board Secretary to post online with the informational packet of the meeting and/or to file with the official minutes of the meeting.
  • Handouts are not required but should you wish to provide them, please bring 13 copies and give them to the Board Secretary to distribute.
  • When you testify, your name, address and comments are matters of public record; however, students and staff do not need to provide their addresses.

Written Correspondence

Letters, emails and other written materials submitted to the School Board are considered public record.  They may be submitted via U.S. mail to: Corvallis School Board, 1555 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, OR 97333.

Emails may be sent to:, and will reach all Board members as a group. Others who also will receive emails sent to this address: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources Director, Finance and Operations Director, and Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Directors (also known as the Board Secretary).