Student Transportation

Student Transportation is managed by the Facilities and Maintenance Department. Bus services are provided by Student Transportation of America (STA).

UPDATE: School Buses Delayed Due to Nationwide Bus Driver Shortage

The Corvallis School District is currently experiencing an extreme bus driver shortage, an issue that is occurring nationwide. Because of the shortage, students and families may be experiencing longer bus rides, buses arriving early or late, and sporadic cancellations with short notice. While we are working to address this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible, there are additional considerations that need to be addressed to continue keeping our students safe during COVID-19.

2021-22 Bus Registration

For the safety of all, everyone riding or boarding buses will be required to wear a mask including students, the driver, school staff, parents/caregivers as required to assist a student, and any others as may be required to be on the bus. The driver will have disposable masks available for students who forget to bring a mask.

Additionally, we will follow these safety practices:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Windows will be halfway open in temperatures 55 and above
  • Bus cleaning will be done between the a.m. and p.m. routes
  • Contact Tracing in the event of a positive case of COVID
Two students in front of school bus

Bus Registration and Routes

Services include bus service to and from school, field trips, athletic activities, and school related events. Bus service is provided for students living one mile or more from their elementary boundary school and 1.5 miles from their boundary middle or high school. Parents are responsible for transportation if your student lives outside the neighborhood boundary (transfers or school of choice.)

School bus

Staff Resources

Please allow a minimum of three days for individualized transportation requests. Field trip transportation should be made in advance due to coordination requirements with athletics transportation and after school bus schedules. Field trips made within 3 weeks prior to the trip will need to be approved by STA and your building OM will need to assist in entering those. Trips outside of the 9-2 Field Trip Restriction will need to be approved by STA before entered into Trip Direct (except Athletics).