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Schools & Programs

We prepare students for a successful future. From the earliest learners to students who are preparing for college and beyond, our staff is committed to help students feel known, valued, and inspired to perform at their highest potential.

Get Started in Corvallis Schools

Our safe and welcoming school communities provide a learning environment designed to support all kids. School boundary maps are available to help you determine your neighborhood schools. While we encourage attendance at your neighborhood school, we honor school choice and allows transfer requests during the enrollment transfer window in March. According to a recent demographic study, nearly 30% of Corvallis students are enrolled in a school other than their neighborhood boundary school. Transfer requests are managed on a lottery basis and limited in schools that are near or at capacity.

High School Schedules

Crescent Valley and Corvallis High Schools transitioned from a 7-period schedule to an 8-period schedule in 2018-19. All class periods are 90 minutes, Monday through Friday. The high school class schedule follows an ODD/EVEN calendar.

The 8-period schedule provides a regular daily schedule of 8:00 am to 3:05 pm for both high schools and will equalize the ODD/EVEN day rotating block schedule.

For the 2019-20 school year there are four ALL days- where students attend all classes in one day and the release time is 3:05 pm.  ALL days include a minimum of fifteen minute passing periods to allow students to travel between schools for combined classes. The scheduled ALL days are as follows: October 30, February 18, and June 5, and June 12 (last day of school year). The last day of school will follow an early release schedule.