Lincoln Elementary

Lincoln Elementary is a dual language immersion school that prioritizes developing an increased cultural awareness while learning a second language.

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The Lincoln Elementary bond project passed an important milestone! You can join in the celebration by watching our Lincoln Topping Out video here!

September, 2021

August, 2021

June, 2021

May, 2021

April, 2021

March, 2021

February, 2021

December, 2020

October, 2020

September, 2020

August, 2020

June, 2020

Fortis completed the clear and grub of the building pad, the construction access and haul road, the building pad base, and have started digging for foundations. Behind the scenes in the office the Fortis BIM (Building Information Modeling) team has completed underground 3D modeling and trade coordination efforts and has started on the first floor. Fortis has also contributed to the redesign effort of PIPC 1 Storm Drain relocation. Fortis has released orders to fabricate the reinforcing bars for the foundation, steel embeds, and has begun processing submittals for underground work. Fortis has worked with the design team to finalize VE efforts and release revised drawings indicating those changes.

DLR Group recently issued an addendum to Fortis. The addendum addresses the design modifications that were needed to keep the project within budget. These modifications include revisions to the exterior cladding system and the ceiling finish inside the building.

DLR returned its second plan check response to the City in late May.

DLR has also been working on a separate PIPC (Public Improvement by Private Contractor) project for the development of public street, curb, sidewalk, traffic signal, storm drain, sanitary sewer, and new water line connections. The PIPC project requires the designs to be documented on separate drawing sets, separately submitted, reviewed, and permitted through the City’s Engineering Department. The two Lincoln PIPC projects also require ODOT review and approval for those portions of the work within the Highway 99 right-of-way. During the month of April, the first PIPC project for the Lincoln project (relocation of a public storm drain pipe) received approval from the City and ODOT, and construction began in early May. During May, the second Lincoln PIPC project received approval from the City, with a preconstruction meeting held the last week of May. ODOT approval is still pending, with minor revisions required to obtain approval. However, the City is permitting the City’s portion of the project and allowing construction to proceed.

May, 2020

Fortis has mobilized the site work contractor, worked through PIPC review comments, received the 1200C permit, kicked off quality control meetings, and written subcontracts.

Fortis continues to work on Value Engineering design efforts, solidifying materials and final buy out of trades.

Fortis and its trade partners have begun BIM (Building Information Modeling) design efforts, completed design engineering on the Health Center relocation, and are coordinating logistics for future phasing.

DLR Group is working with the team on cost reduction opportunities.

April, 2020

Fortis submitted GMP proposals for both Lincoln Elementary and the Health Center. The estimates were within budget and have been approved by the school board.

Fortis has installed site fencing and office trailers, coordinated salvage items from the garden, and removed and rebuilt the bicycle polo rink.

They are working with the team to acquire permit prior to starting construction.

DLR Group has submitted the SHPO Clearance form and clearance was approved. Mitigation will not be required by the State.

DLR had responded to the Building Department permit comments and resubmitted for approval. Approval has historically been two to three weeks for this period.

DEQ has approved the application for our 1200C permit and the public appeals period ends April 3.

Public Improvement permit 1 has received City and ODOT approval.  ODOT is working on getting its permit issued later this week.

Public Improvement permit 2 comments have been addressed and re-submitted as of March 25. Awaiting approval.

AINW has performed a pedestrian survey of the new construction site to determine if archaeological resources are present on the ground surface and/or to identify high probability areas where subsurface archaeological deposits may be present.

March, 2020

The Bid Set documents were issued February 3, 2020. Fortis received proposals for the remaining scopes on February 18 and presented a preliminary GMP and accompanying Value Engineering (VE) log on February 24. They will continue to work with the team to fine-tune both the VE Log and the GMP to meet the District’s parameters.

Planning Commission approval was received at the last Commission Meeting.

Corvallis Building Department review comments were received February 27. The team is reviewing and preparing a response to be provided by March 12.

February, 2020: 100% bid set is scheduled for February 3 issue date

On January 16, Fortis held a very well-attended subcontractor open house at Lincoln Elementary School. Fortis is receiving and reviewing bids for site, structure, exterior skin, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical scopes of work. This early procurement is an important step in the process to ensure cost certainty and budget control. The team will procure the scopes at the Health Center concurrently with Lincoln. The remaining scopes of work (interior finishes, etc.) will bid in mid-February.

A Planning Commission hearing was held on January 22. Based on community testimony, the Commission held the record open an additional 7 days to allow for additional written comments. The design team will provide a formal response, and the Commission will deliberate on February 5.

A 100% Bid Set is scheduled for a February 3 issue date.

January, 2020

Fortis is spending January refining estimates, soliciting proposals for the major scopes of work, conducting constructability reviews, and continuing to develop the schedule and phasing plans.  Some scopes of work that may be bidding by early February include sitework, structure, exterior skin, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.  This will help ensure cost certainty and budget control.  The remaining scopes of work will bid in February or March.

The project has been submitted for permit and formally accepted by the City of Corvallis December 31, 2019.  Corvallis Building Department review is ongoing, with first round of comments pending Land Use Approval. Planning Commission Hearing date is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22. The design team is busy collaborating with the contractor and adding bidding specific content in preparation for the Bid Set, to be issued February 3, 2020.

December, 2019: Permits to be Submitted to City by December 31

Fortis Construction is developing the 100% Design Development estimate and is continuing to generate interest in the subcontractor community. This project will bid in the first quarter of 2020. Preliminary phasing plans have been developed and are being reviewed and modified to account for logistics, sequencing, and minimizing impact to ongoing operations at the existing elementary school.

There have been multiple meetings with City of Corvallis Planning and Development departments to facilitate a smooth permit submission process and mitigate significant changes or unforeseen complications. DLR is on track to have a Permit Set completed before the end of the year.

The District is working with the City of Corvallis Parks & Recreation Department to establish a plan for relocating the tennis courts to a new location in South Corvallis.

District staff has been tasked to identify items that need to be salvaged prior to demolition.

Phasing and logistics plans are being developed to ensure a safe project with minimal disruptions. Considerations will include:

  • Moving existing clinic modular building on-site for use during construction.
  • Parking and student drop-off circulation.
  • Fencing to separate construction work from school operations and outside activities.
  • Minimizing disruptions to the educational experience.
  • Developing temporary playground enhancements.

November, 2019: Fortis Construction Selected

Fortis Construction was selected as the CM/GC contractor for Lincoln Elementary. They will be reviewing the design documents and putting together an estimate to reconcile with the budget. The Construction Documents (CD) phase is underway.

Initial land use submission has been made and we are working on responses for the Planning staff.  The City of Corvallis Planning Commission meeting is expected to take place in mid-December.

The Benton County Health Clinic project continues in the design process with estimating underway.

October, 2019: CM/GC Contractor procurement process is underway

Design Development is approaching 100%.  The District, Wenaha, JLD Estimating and DLR are reviewing estimates and designs to reconcile with the budget. 

Initial land use submission has been made and we are waiting for Planning Department feedback prior to final submission.

The CM/GC contractor procurement process is underway with award targeted for mid-November.

The Benton County Health Clinic project continues in the design process with estimating about to start.

August, 2019: Design Development Near Completion

Two neighborhood meetings were held including a meeting on August 29 as part of the City of Corvallis Land Use approval process. Both meetings were well attended with positive comments and input provided.

Design Development is at 90%.  The bond team is reviewing these documents and JLD Estimating is preparing cost estimates. 

The Benton County Health Clinic project, which is being developed through an Intergovernmental Agreement, is in design and will be submitted to the Planning Department with the school project.  At present, the County has committed funding through the design process.  By the end of the calendar year, they are to notify the District if they are committed to building the facility.

A package is being prepared by Willamette Valley Planning and will be submitted to the City of Corvallis Planning Department for consideration.

July, 2019: Summer Design Work

Design Development is in process. Focus groups with teachers, administrators and specialists took place in June to inform the design team’s summer work. This input was used as designs were developed and will be reported back to the Focus Groups after the summer break. The Lincoln site plan is fairly solid, with design work starting on the County Health Clinic, in coordination with Benton County. This design work is being done utilizing the district’s design team, with reimbursement from the county. Approval of final design is expected this fall, with construction cost approval pending bid in early 2020.

May, 2019: Design Advisory Committee meeting #3

The core team meets regularly and includes the architects, Principal Hale, Kim Patten, and Amy Lesan. The core team develops the designs that are brought to the DAC meetings for feedback.

  • The current site concept includes a parking and parent drop-off area adjacent to 99W and a private drive on the east side of the site for bus drop-off (only). This would require the relocation of the tennis courts.
  • The new building includes collaboration spaces adjacent to classrooms. There are a variety of collaboration space designs.
  • Primary grades will be located on the first floor, the library, learning resource center and grade 2-5 classrooms will be upstairs.

View the site concept HERE.

February, 2019: Design Advisory Committee meeting and design process

The first Design Advisory Committee meeting is February 20 at 6 pm at Lincoln Elementary. Additionally, a civil engineer has toured the site. Design is in progress and first Core Team meetings are underway.

Activities scheduled for next quarter include City of Corvallis land use and permitting meetings, as well as site observation for wetlands on the site.

January, 2019: Lincoln Design Advisory Committee

The Design Advisory Committee will begin meeting in January and will be facilitated by project architects.

November - December, 2018: Architect Review and Site Surveying

Pre-design work at Lincoln is taking place including a site walk-through by the architect team. The site is also being surveyed as part of the pre-design process.

November, 2018: Design Advisory Committee

The Design Advisory Committee has been selected. Members include Sonya Bacheller, Patricia Cabeza, Aliesje King, Thom King, Aaron Lesan, Denna Melton, Araceli Mendez, Dana Monroe, Alison Ocampo Maria Rosas, Shahnaz Sahnow, De Nyago Tafen, Cecelia Tellez, Rebecka Weinsteiger, Julie Wilborn, Principal Hale, and a representative from district staff.

This committee will ensure that the values of the school community are represented in the design and that the school community will be kept informed throughout the design and construction process.

Project Timeline

Lincoln Elementary Bond Project Timeline

Bond Projects at Lincoln

Lincoln Elementary was built in 1949. Lincoln’s current enrollment is 387, with its capacity at 489.

Construction icon transparent background Replace School on Current Property

  • Construct on the southeast corner of the current property
  • Students would continue to attend Lincoln Elementary during construction
  • Public tennis courts would remain at the current location UPDATED spring 2019: courts will need to be relocated to a new site
  • Lincoln Health Clinic will continue to be located on the school campus
  • Design process would begin immediately and include collaboration with community and staff

Security camera icon transparent background Safety & Security Improvements

  • New emergency communications system
  • Built to current seismic safety codes
  • Well-designed parking and site circulation

Light bulb icon transparent background Sustainability

  • Sustainable design
  • Maximize daylighting
  • Install energy efficient building systems

Computer icon transparent background Modern Educational Spaces

  • Learning spaces for small group, collaboration, and project based learning
  • Outdoor learning including school garden and outdoor play areas
  • Separate multi-purpose dining commons and gymnasium
  • Planned spaces for student support services


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