2018-19 District and School Report Cards Released

The Oregon Department of Education released report cards for all Oregon schools and districts this week. The report cards for the Corvallis School District and all schools within the district provide a snapshot of student demographics, performance on state assessments, and specific programs and electives offered at individual schools. The report cards include data from the 2018-19 assessments as well as graduation data from 2017-18.

District and school report cards give district leaders indicators of student performance and provide a broad view of student data. School data teams continually review group and individual student data looking for patterns and linkages with risk factors that can include attendance, grades, and credits earned. Identifying these patterns ensures that students receive the help they need to be successful in school.

“We are nearing the state of Oregon’s 2025 goal of 90% on-time four-year graduation rate,” noted Superintendent Ryan Noss. “The current graduation rate of 87% for the class of 2017-18 is within 3 percentage points of that target. With our district’s “ninth grade on track to graduate” measure at 93% this year, the improved graduation rate goal becomes more and more attainable.”

Eighth-grade math achievement is also included in the district report card. “While it is one data point for consideration,” shares Noss, “our focus continues to be that all students successfully complete Algebra I by the end of ninth grade.”

One of the metrics of the Corvallis School Board’s goals includes improved 3rd-grade reading achievement. Last school year the district had an increase of 3 percentage points, 11 points above the Oregon average. The district is beginning year two with a new elementary English Language Arts curriculum and year one in the Dual Language Immersion elementary schools and will continue to track progress in this area.

While it still does not give a complete picture of school performance, this district report card provides an accessible at-a-glance report. District and school report cards also provide information about staff composition and demographics.