2022-23 District and School At-A-Glance Profiles Released

2021-22 District and school at-a-glance profiles released

The Oregon Department of Education released At-A-Glance profiles for all Oregon schools and districts today. The profiles for the Corvallis School District and all schools within the district provide a snapshot of student demographics, performance on state assessments, and specific programs and electives offered at individual schools. The profiles include data from the 2022-23 Oregon state assessments and graduation data from 2021-22.

District and school profiles give district leaders indicators of student performance and provide a broad view of student data. School data teams continually review group and individual student data, looking for patterns and linkages with risk factors, including attendance, grades, and credits earned. Identifying these patterns ensures that students receive the help they need to be successful in school. 

“Our data across our middle schools show patterns of growth for our students with disabilities and English language learners,” said Superintendent Ryan Noss. “At the same time, this data demonstrates we are still in pandemic recovery, and our youngest learners continue to need support. Staff across our district are focused on supporting our students each and every day to make academic progress.”

According to the Oregon Department of Education, statewide results show the impact of the pandemic on students across Oregon and demonstrate the need for continued investment in accelerating learning in summer and after-school programs. The Corvallis School District participates in two programs that address after-school and summer learning and extended academics.

Although it still does not give a complete picture of school performance, this district profile provides an accessible at-a-glance report. District and school profiles also provide information about staff composition and demographics. 

All district and school profiles are available on the district website.