Bond Oversight Committee Annual Report

The Bond Oversight Committee was established in October 2018 to serve as an advisory group to the Superintendent. The purpose of this committee is to ensure bond revenues are used only for the purposes consistent with the voter-approved 2018 bond measure and consistent with state law. The committee meets quarterly to review bond program performance and financial audits as well as to serve as key communicators of information related to the bond. Meeting notes and materials are published to the District website following the meeting as soon as they are available.

The Bond Oversight Committee is composed of seven members and an ex-officio representative from the Corvallis School Board. Committee members are primarily professionals with experience in construction, finance, auditing, public budgeting, banking, and general business. Current members are Amy Crump (chair), Richard Arnold, Emily Barton, Brad Hamlin, Jennifer Richmond, Emily Valdez, and Gordon Zimmerman. Staff liaisons include Ryan Noss, Kim Patten, Olivia Meyers Buch, and Brenda Downum. Wenaha Group liaisons include Dale Kuykendall, Dave Fishel, and Julie Haymart. Jay Conroy is the School Board liaison.

In addition to quarterly meetings, the committee is charged with delivering an annual report to the superintendent. The report is intended to be shared with the School Board and the general public to provide an overview of annual activities. The 2018-19 annual report was drafted by District staff and reviewed by the Bond Oversight Committee on October 21, 2019.

The final version of the report was reviewed and approved on January 21, 2020, at the Bond Oversight Committee meeting, and delivered to Superintendent Ryan Noss shortly thereafter. The narrative of the report includes the key messages developed and approved at the conclusion of each Bond Oversight Committee meeting.