Bond Program Update: Design Principles Finalized, Architect Services Contract Approved

The district’s Design Guidance Teams recently completed their work to develop district-wide design principles that will be considered for all projects included in the bond program. With the finalization of these principles and the technical standards developed by staff and technical experts, we are nearing the completion of the pre-design process. In addition to educational specifications developed by district staff, these design principles will be used by the Design Advisory Committees at each school.

At their January 10, 2019 meeting, the Corvallis School Board authorized staff to enter into contract with DLR Group for services to design the replacement of Lincoln and Hoover Elementary Schools, and renovations at the remaining elementary schools for the lump sum fee of $10,100,505 and Pivot Architecture for design of renovations at our secondary schools for the lump sum fee of $4,540,854.  Architect teams will work closely with district leaders and school Design Advisory Committees will be the sounding board for architect teams leading up to the construction start date.

What’s Happening Now

Adams, Wilson, and Jefferson Elementary Schools are slated for seismic work this summer. Structural investigations were started last month and seismic design work is in progress. Construction is scheduled for early summer 2019.

Surveying of the Garfield site and preliminary topographical drawings are complete. The Garfield Design Advisory Committee will meet on January 16. This group will be facilitated by the architect team and meetings will continue through the start of construction.

Surveying of the Lincoln and Hoover sites was completed and the design teams are developing preliminary layouts for replacement schools. Design Advisory Committees will have their first meeting in February.

At the secondary schools, track studies are being completed at Cheldelin and Linus Pauling middle schools with track resurfacing planned for summer 2019. Cheldelin’s gym bleachers have been removed and will be replaced during spring break. Planning and budgeting is taking place for track resurfacing and turf installation at Crescent Valley High and design work is in process for the CHS softball field. The CHS track will also be replaced and Taylor Field lights are planned for replacement this spring.