Bond Update: Rescheduled First Day of School for Jaguar and Wildcat Students

To ensure our schools under construction are safe for the return of students, the first day of school will be Monday, September 13, 2021. Staff and families were notified by email today.

The construction teams at Jaguar and Wildcat Elementary Schools have been working on major renovation projects at Jaguar and Wildcat schools this summer and have been working closely with district staff and the City Development Services department to plan for the opening of the 2021-22 school year. Occupancy plans must include safe access routes, separation of construction from occupied areas, provisions for fire department access, student drop-off,/pick-up areas, and restroom accommodations. Due to the number of projects to be completed for occupancy, staff access to the building will be delayed until Wednesday, September 8. Students will be welcomed for their first day of school on Monday, September 13.

Key Dates for Jaguar and Wildcat Families

September 2  Families notified of class placements
September 7-10  Classroom teacher meet and greets (details coming soon)
September 8 -10  Staff in the building, preparing for students
September 13  First Day on-site for students

School Project Updates

As we prepare to re-open Jaguar and Wildcat, our focus is to ensure safety in student and staff-occupied spaces. Renovations are still underway, final finishes will not be complete on walls and floors. The school office area, kitchen, and new cafeteria are still under construction and student movement through the building will be limited to areas that are not under construction.

Our teachers normally spend many summer hours in their classrooms to create an environment that is inviting, inspiring, and welcoming. They won’t have that time this summer, but rest assured, our staff is excited to welcome your student to a year of learning and growth.

For questions about the construction projects, please contact the Facilities Department at 541-757-5877. More details about the start of the school year will be coming from your building principal later this week.