Bond Update – Welcoming Students to the 2022-23 School Year

Bond Update - Welcoming Students to the 2022-23 School Year

As the district enters the final year of our capital improvement bond, we are excited to welcome students back into our schools for the 2022-23 school year! Students, staff, and families returned to each of our buildings with smiling faces and excitement. Staff posted welcoming and inspirational messages in their buildings and joyfully greeted students.

The best part of the return was watching the faces of our students as they entered their renovated spaces. Some highlights included students at Kathryn Jones Harrison eating lunch in their new cafeteria and students from Mt. View seeing their building evolving after summer construction.

Bessie Coleman & Lincoln Elementary, Cheldelin Middle

The bond projects at these schools were mostly completed during the 2021-2022 school year. As students at Bessie Coleman and Lincoln elementary schools returned to school this year, they saw the final steps of the playground and outdoor spaces being completed. Work to be completed in the next few months includes the completion of intersection realignment for Bessie Coleman and the final steps of landscaping for Lincoln. 

At Cheldelin, classrooms have been turned over to students and staff. In the next few months, seismic work and projects in the upper gym will be completed.

Corvallis and Crescent Valley High Schools

Construction work at Corvallis High School is nearly complete. All work at Crescent Valley is complete. Over the summer, seismic work was completed, and construction crews left the property.

College Hill 

Over the summer, building permits were obtained, and initial demolition activities began. Seismic work and exterior sitework will continue over the next few months. 

Franklin K-8, Kathryn Jones Harrison, Letitia Carson

Major construction work has continued at all three buildings over the summer. Franklin’s roof was improved, with seismic strengthening and new shingles. New windows have arrived and were installed. Work in the science room, office, and library will continue through the fall. 

The parking lot, new classroom addition, and gym are complete at Kathryn Jones Harrison. Throughout the school year, work will continue on landscaping, fencing, and the sidewalk at the fire lane.

All of the interior work, including classrooms, gym, and restrooms, is complete at Letitia Carson. The landscaping and sidewalk work along Satinwood are now complete, and lawns are starting to grow. 

Both Kathryn Jones Harrison and Letitia Carson also have stormwater systems to collect storm runoff and prevent flooding. The ponds on our school campuses are landscaped with rocks and native species plantings and serve to collect runoff, filter pollutants, and allow the water to soak into the ground and slowly release to the city’s storm sewer system.

Adams & Mt. View Elementary

Major construction started this spring and continued over the summer to ensure buildings were ready for students to occupy this fall. This included completing library and counseling rooms, refreshing restrooms, completing seismic upgrades, and framing for the office. Over the next few months, construction crews will continue to build out several new classrooms, the cafeteria and the music room.

Sustainability Highlights

The CSD Bond program includes projects centered around sustainability and designed to upgrade and modernize our school buildings to provide a healthy and sustainable learning environment for students. Our teams assess building design and construction regarding energy and water efficiency, a safe and engaging learning environment, sustainable transportation choices, and waste reduction.

Highlights during the last period of construction include:

  • Installation of water bottle filling stations at Kathryn Jones Harrison and Letitia Carson.
  • Completion of upgrades to heating and cooling systems were completed, and installation of ceiling fans at Franklin K-8.
  • Expanded covered bike parking at Letitia Carson, Bessie Coleman, and Kathryn Jones Harrison. These bike parking areas also include educational solar arrays.
  • Completion of EV charging stations at Kathryn Jones Harrison and Bessie Coleman.

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