Corvallis School District 2022-23 Graduation Data Released

The Oregon Department of Education released graduation data today for the 2022-23 school year. Once again, the Corvallis School District continues to outperform the state in four-year graduation rates. The district’s overall graduation rate for 2023 was 88 percent, 7 points higher than the state rate. The district’s 2022 graduation rate was 89 percent. In terms of the number of students, 482 out of 548 graduated with their 4-year cohort in 2023, compared to 469 out of 529 in 2022.

“I am pleased our district has shown a consistent trend of graduation rates near 90 percent,” shared Superintendent Ryan Noss. “This data demonstrates our High School Success investments in Career Technical Education (CTE), systematic interventions, and improved access to advanced coursework are crucial to support on-time graduation for our students.”

Additionally, the college-going rates for Corvallis high school graduates hit an all-time high with the class of 2022. Seventy-seven percent of graduates enrolled in college in the fall immediately after high school. Around 83 percent of graduates who enroll in college in the first year return for a second year. Following students’ persistence in earning degrees and certifications beyond high school is one way Corvallis School District assesses the success of our K-12 system.  

“Our four-year graduation rate for students with disabilities is above pre-pandemic levels,” shared Noss. “However, it decreased from last year. This is a group of students we continue to provide focused attention and support as we work towards graduation and future opportunities.” 

Superintendent Noss added, “It is important to note that the class of 2023, from their 9th-grade year and going forward, faced the ongoing challenges of the COVID pandemic along their journey to graduation, showcasing remarkable resilience. More than ever, the importance of summer programming and credit recovery is clear. Our students continue to need this support to help them to acquire the credits necessary to graduate successfully.”

The full report can be found on the Oregon Department of Education website.