CV Tennis Court Resurfacing Planned

Plans are underway to resurface the cracked tennis courts at Crescent Valley High School. Director of Facilities and Transportation Kim Patten said construction excise tax funds will be used for the project. Costs for the tennis court resurfacing is estimated to be between $50,000 and $60,000.

While the bond program projects have been delayed at Crescent Valley, the tennis courts were not part of the bond promise and the resurfacing will be completed this summer. “While this is not a project that will entirely replace the courts, this resurfacing project will extend the life of the tennis courts for another four to five years,” Patten said.

The tennis facility has large cracks across the eight courts and water pooling in some places. The scope of work includes repairing cracks in the eight courts, applying two coats of resurfacing material to the courts and three layers in high-traffic and excessively worn areas, re-striping lines and replacing the net systems.

“This will maintain the life and usefulness of the courts and allow our students and community to utilize the facility safely,” Patten said.