District Partners with Corvallis Sustainability Coalition on Solar Projects

Last year’s voter-approved passage of the Corvallis School District’s $199.9 million bond program will fund construction of two replacement elementary schools and capital construction projects throughout the District over the next four years. While Oregon statute requires an investment of 1.5% of the total project cost (approximately $1.6 million) in renewable energy projects, a partnership with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition will leverage this investment to provide additional solar-powered projects. The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition initiative, Solarize Corvallis, will maximize solar potential, reduce the amount of energy used in the District, and will provide solar energy for battery backup power supply.

The kick-off project for Solarize Corvallis will include the installation of a solar farm on the north end of the central administration building, located at 1555 SW 35th Street. This location is highly visible, accessible, and will provide emergency back-up power in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. The design work is underway.

The Solarize Corvallis initiative also includes the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative whose community-ownership model allows Oregon residents to support the development of renewable energy by financing local clean energy projects. “The primary goal of our bond program is to support future generations. Reducing our carbon footprint is one way that we are accomplishing that,” said Superintendent Ryan Noss. “Our partnership with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition and the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative will provide additional resources to our District and will benefit our students and community in many ways. We will continue to take action in the area of sustainability and we are grateful for the leadership and commitment of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.”