Dixon Creek Riparian Zone Restoration- New Date

Phase I Completed, Phase II to be completed at Planting Party

The Dixon Creek riparian zone on the Corvallis High School campus was damaged after maintenance this summer, resulting in the removal of both invasive and native plants. You can read the full story HERE.

Since July, the Corvallis School District has been working closely with the City of Corvallis and PBS Engineering & Environmental, Inc. to design a plan and complete phase one of the restoration process. Phase two of the project will be led by eighth grade Cheldelin Middle School student, Canon Clark, as an Eagle Scout project.

Canon will be coordinating the replanting of the riparian zone with native species. The project will involve 50-75 volunteers and the planting of more than 1,000 native plants. The landscape company and Clark will place plants in each area before the volunteers arrive. Then, each area of ten plots will be planted in a collaborative effort. Each area will have a leader guiding volunteers on how to handle the plants properly to avoid damage to the plants.

This is not Canon Clark’s first humanitarian project. In summer of 2017, Clark traveled to Samoa on a humanitarian mission with his family. After a storm hit the area, Clark helped deliver desks and chairs to schools in need. When Clark is not doing humanitarian work, he enjoys playing tennis at Timberhill Tennis Club. He also enjoys playing soccer and skiing.

Clark believes that it is important to preserve natural habitats, especially in Oregon. Because Clark enjoys the outdoors, he would like to preserve nature by ensuring it remains healthy and undisturbed. The riparian restoration project is not only an opportunity for him to earn his Eagle Scout designation; it is also an opportunity to improve the habitat and connect with nature.

Rescheduled Planting Party Date: March 2

UPDATE: Due to winter weather and possible snow, the planting party has been rescheduled for March 2, starting at 10 am.

The project will take place on Saturday, February 16, starting at 10 am. Volunteers are asked to park in the east parking lot of Corvallis High School and check-in will be at the bridge. Volunteers are asked to sign-up by sending an email to

Volunteers should prepare for cold weather by dressing warm and bringing gloves. Some shovels will be provided, but volunteers can bring their own shovel to help expedite the process.

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