Interim School Board Member Selection To Take Place January 16

At their January 9 meeting, the Corvallis School Board identified finalists for the interim board member selection process on January 16.

Chair Sami Al-AbdRabbuh announced that in order to be respectful of applicants’ time, the board added a preliminary step to conducting interviews. All applicants were notified of the preliminary process and were invited to attend the meeting.

  • Each board member named three candidates that they would like to interview; these were not votes and there was no discussion as to the reasons for choosing the three names.
  • The choices were based on the application materials submitted by each applicant as well as the results of reference checks.
  • Board secretary Julie Catala tallied the results and applicants receiving at least three hash marks will be interviewed on January 16.

The applicants who will advance to interviews on January 16 are Daniel Dowhower, Deb Mott, Sadie Slocum, Shauna Tominey, and Luhui Whitebear. The meeting materials, including applications from the five finalists, are available HERE. Questions may be directed to Board secretary Julie Catala at 541-757-5841 or