January is School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Recognition Month. The Corvallis School Board was honored at the January 9, 2020 board meeting with remarks from Superintendent Ryan Noss, a performance by the CHS choral ensemble Spartacapella and a serenade from school principals who improvised a version of “School Board Blues” led by Lincoln principal Aaron Hale and accompanied by Wilson principal Eric Beasley on guitar.

“Our school board members spend hundreds of hours of unpaid time working to make sure that we are providing the best possible education for students in our district and they serve as the corporate board of directors for one of our community’s largest employers,” shared Superintendent Ryan Noss. “While we celebrate school board members this month, we recognize that their contributions reflect a year-round effort. They are dedicated individuals who are committed to improving student achievement and to fighting for the best for all of our students.”

School board members represent the community’s views and values in the complex work of guiding the Corvallis School District on a strategic path towards student achievement for all students, no matter what challenges they might be navigating. The school board also reinforces the principle of local control over public education, which is an important and highly valued aspect of education in Oregon.

The primary work of the Corvallis School Board is to focus on continuous improvement by questioning, examining, revising, refining and revisiting issues related to student achievement. While they often are working in the background, the school board makes key decisions about funding priorities and the school district’s strategic path. We value their contributions and are grateful for their year-round efforts on behalf of students.