March 6 Weather Closure Make Up Day Update

After a detailed review of student instructional hours as of March 6, it was determined that our district meets instructional hour requirements with our currently-revised school year calendar. The calendar includes a number of possible make up days that may or may not be utilized, and we have incorporated five of the possible dates in our revised calendar.

March 6 was our district’s sixth weather-related closure of the year.  Because we meet instructional hour requirements we will forego a make up day for March 6.

June 22 will remain the last day of school for students and June 23 will remain the final day of the year for teaching staff.  A number of additional factors informed this decision:

  • Our district’s revised school year calendar is ending later than a majority of area districts.
  • Families have already revised their end of year plans.  Another change creates challenges for summer scheduling.
  • Recent input from the school calendar planning process indicates that families and staff alike are already feeling that summer break has been shortened.

In the event of additional weather or emergency closure days this year, the instructional hour waiver option or an additional make up day will need to be considered to meet required instructional hours.