March 8 Board Meeting Summary

Budget Committee Training

The Budget Committee has 14 members: seven elected school board members and seven citizens appointed to three-year terms by the board. Citizen members are appointed by open vote of the School Board as openings occur.

CSD Director of Finance Olivia Meyers Buch provided training for the 2018-19 Budget Committee. Agenda items included an overview of the budget process, the roles and responsibilities of budget committee members, an orientation on the budget document and format, and other general introductory and non-specific information.

This year, the district is using a “smarter school spending” framework for the budgeting process.  This is centered on a comprehensive budgeting process to align resources and academic outcomes. It is highly collaborative process between the Teaching and Learning and Finance Departments. Budget considerations include:

  • analyzing the potential impact on student learning
  • determining long term affordability
  • assessing the feasibility of implementation
  • level of stakeholder support

Budget Committee meetings are open to the public meetings and are scheduled to take place May 3,  May 17, and May 31 (if needed). All meetings take place in the school board meeting room and begin at 6:30 pm.

Resolution #18-0302 In Support of Student Action to Demand Safety from Gun Violence

Superintendent Noss shared a statement about the national student walkout that is expected to take place on March 14. He requested that board members consider in their discussion of the resolution the possible negative effects of the resolution on students who choose not to participate.

After nearly two hours of discussion, board members voted unanimously in favor of the resolution.