School Board Action on Renaming Schools

Schools Named To Honor Bessie Coleman, Kathryn Jones Harrison, and Letitia Carson

At their September 9, 2021 meeting, the school board passed three resolutions regarding renaming three schools by a 7-0 vote for each resolution.

The Corvallis School Board received draft resolutions at its August 12, 2021 meeting and suggested changes to each one. The draft resolutions presented for adoption at the September 9, 2021 meeting reflect those edits.

View the approved resolutions at the links below:

Prior to the passage of each resolution, board members, in turn, spoke to the impact of the renaming of schools and their hopes that all children will be inspired by the stories and the legacies of Bessie Coleman, Kathryn Jones Harrison, and Letitia Carson.

Following the board resolution, an implementation period will be required in order for the entire district to fully transition all internal and external elements of school and district operations to the new names.