School Board Action on Renaming Schools

The Corvallis School Board passed a resolution regarding renaming our schools on August 6, 2020, by a 6-1 vote. In addition to public comment at the meeting, the school board received hundreds of community comments via email and phone. The Board also deliberated on the resolution during two of its meetings and received public comments on this topic during the August 6 meeting.

  • School board member Vincent Adams presented a resolution to the Corvallis School Board at the July 30, 2020 meeting to remove the names of Jefferson, Hoover, and Wilson Elementary Schools effective immediately.
  • A report explaining the motivation behind the resolution can be accessed at the following link: Background Statement from Director Vincent Adams
  • At their August 6 meeting, the Board approved the resolution in an amended form which you can review at the following link: Working Draft Resolution that called for the immediate removal of the names of Hoover, Jefferson, and Wilson elementary schools.

Temporary names for the schools have been selected for the interim. Those names are Husky Elementary, Jaguar Elementary, and Wildcat Elementary.

Following the board resolution, the signage on the three schools was removed this week. During this transition period, families at these schools will continue to see the old names as part of the registration process and on some printed materials. Principals at these schools will be sharing a message with their school community about the removal of the school name and how to talk with your student about it.

There are a significant number of details that must be addressed and a team of Corvallis School District staff is developing a plan for this transition. The process to rename schools will take place this fall with a School Renaming Task Force that will be charged to develop a recommendation for renaming the three schools and reviewing all school names with the potential to rename. The new names for the three schools are to be finalized by mid-spring.