School Board Approves Muddy Creek Charter School Renewal

At their January 17, 2019 meeting, the Corvallis School Board unanimously approved the renewal of the charter for the Muddy Creek Charter School.

The renewal is a multi-step process and includes a review of the charter school’s performance over the term of the existing contract. The major factors impacting renewal decisions are:
● Academic performance
● Fiscal performance and governance effectiveness
● Mission fulfillment, leadership, and instructional quality
● Compliance with the terms of the charter contract, and applicable laws and regulations
● Significant positive or negative trends in performance, operations, and/or governance

The first step was the submission of the renewal application by the charter school. Under Oregon law, a charter school governing body must request renewal of the charter at least 180 days before the expiration of the existing charter. Upon receipt of the application, the district scheduled a formal site visit, which consisted of activities such as classroom observations, meeting with the school’s director and board members, and interviews of parents, teachers and other stakeholders. An outside consultant reviewed the application to make sure it complied with all renewal requirements. View the consultant’s report HERE.

As required by law, the school board held a public hearing. This was an opportunity for charter school organizers to present their case for renewal, and engage in a dialogue with the Corvallis School Board, as well as an opportunity for public comment regarding the renewal.

Based on the information gathered from the public hearing, the site visit, compliance records, and the school’s academic, financial, and organizational performance during the term of the contract, the district recommended renewal of the charter.  At its January 17, 2019 meeting, the board voted in favor of the renewal request.  Further, they authorized staff to enter into contract negotiations with Muddy Creek Charter School and identified specific parameters for those negotiations.

Following negotiations, district staff will ask the the school board to review and approve the contract.